It`s Been A Week

10:45 PM

Hey! I`m back! It feels good to be around again and I sure missed you guys! I`m really excited to share what God has done for me the past week. I really didn`t think it was just 7 days because every single day, God did something new. On one day, I was heartbroken, the other day I am extremely happy and my faith is soaring.




I believe God is teaching a lot of important things and vital lessons these past few days. I admit I am still in the process of learning and God has been dealing with my unbelief, my doubts, my fears, and my pride—all which hinders enjoying a happy, loving and trusting relationship with Him.



10 things

Sometimes, I  really have to battle with pride and then with guilt and there were times, even with condemnation {yes, all in one week!} and it was not easy. But I am amazed at how Jesus constantly picks me up, brings people to encourage me, strengthens my faith and teaches me how to trust even when I don`t see what`s ahead or when I don`t understand His plans.



I still have a long way to go to become the lady I am destined to be--if you would ask me. But we all know God uses imperfect people. So that`s my answer to the enemy when he whispers me all these lies that I am unworthy.



I know I am loved—still—and will forever be.


I long for the day when all these fears in my heart would be gone because I trust Him completely how a child trusts His father. And I long for the day when I would be complete in His love and purging so that all these blemishes—my pride, unbelief and all—would be gone and all that`s left with me is trust.



I said I`ll be back when I`ve got the good news I was waiting for. I`ve got many, many good news and stories now… even while I`m waiting still for the results of what I had been praying and hoping for for so long.


Please do continue to pray for me. Winking smile


So while we`re waiting for the miracle, let`s get on and share stories.


My heart is happy. It`s really… REALLY good to be back!



Photo credits. Yinniemouse on Tumblr.

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