365 Days of Love: Mother`s Day In 3 Minutes!

11:57 AM


Day 7


Three minutes to go and

it`s Mother`s Day! ;)


I`m just done with the cards for the surprise we`re preparing for the Moms in church tomorrow. My Mom happened to see what I was making so it wouldn`t be much of a surprise to her anymore. I just picked the best card for her so she at least it would be a little more special.


We made handmade pop-up cards from Martha Stewart. It was so fun to do, but I made a lot so it wasn`t really that easy. But if you`re just gonna make one for your Mom, it`s definitely fun and worth spending your time on.
















Here`s the process:

Head over to the Martha Stewart website for full instructions!






365 Days of Love: Go and extra mile and do something using your hands (instead of just buying) for your Mom and other Moms on Mother`s day!

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