Sister Photos and A Happy Day

Posted on May 23, 2011 by Cathy in , ,

My sisters and I did a little *photoshoot* after church yesterday. And it`s funny that all three of us girls took our turns standing in front of an electric fan to get that hair-flying effect in photos.


Viola 5



Viola`s hair was short and looked a bit funny when the air starts to blow on her face. We found out her photo personality is exciting, fun and lively. Ava, on the other hand, really looks good in glamorous shots. While I… well, I look better in photos when I flash the usual smile I do since I was a kid. Viola4





I`m still not done editing Ava`s photos. I`ll finish it tonight, I hope. I`m still feeling very sleepy after staying up late watching movies last night. As usual, I was the last girl.. and the last person standing. My Dad fell asleep 15 minutes into the first movie. He always does. haha


Here are some of Ava`s pics. Whoa! I should learn how to make my hair fly like that. You should her other photos!



And this is me.



Do we all look like each other?


Rose Ragai said...[Reply to comment]

Cathy Canaceli --- I miss those moments with my sisters too.. I envy you... I post this post entry in my FB coz i really like this..

Alyssa C. said...[Reply to comment]

I love it, Ate Cat! :))

Cathy Canaceli said...[Reply to comment]

@Alyssa C. Haha! Thank you, Lyz! We should together someday! ;)

Cathy Canaceli said...[Reply to comment]

@Rose Ragai Hi Rose! Are you living away from your sister now? Praying you get more time to spend with each other in the future... ;)

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