How To Make Cute Bento Boxes

11:45 PM


Last year, I posted about cute Japanese bento boxes and my favorite Hello Kitty sushi, and wished I would learn how to make them myself. Boy, they`re so intricate and seems so hard to do.


Today, I foundc ute instructions how to do the super cute bento box fillings.



Here are  the samples. I`m excited to try!!!


Hotdog Octopus (and crab)


Yummy! Just cut the hotdogs!


Fish Bones in my egg!

IMG_0554 (2)

Simple as drawing using catsup you get from fastfood shops!

Chick Sandwich for Easter







The marker used is Food Writer so it`s edible!


Angry Birds  Cheese

Choi Siwon might like! haha



This is sooooo fun!


I guess, all you really need to do is be creative and let your imagination work. Anything is possible!

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  1. hehe... it's really cute! it's more practical for surprises, who wouldn't be surprised! hehe..
    but if you're really hungry, ummm.. I think we'd rather skip the whole fancy thing and just eat it right up hehe..

  2. @cherrey This really takes so much work, isn`t it? But it wouldn`t be bad to make cute lunchboxes with these once in a while...

    I would feel very much loved if I get a surprise like this. haha

  3. @Vinita Jayant Hi Vinita! The angry bird was done really well. I would keep it in the fridge and stare at it for a long time before I`d eat it. haha



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