Yes! Cold Soybean Noodles!

1:59 AM

Do you remember the Cold Soybean noodle soup I showed you almost a year ago here on the blog? I finally found the recipe tonight!



I asked Papa if we could buy soybeans anywhere here. I`ve never held soybeans with my hands ever before! I love taho and soymilk but never seen how a real soybean looks like. My Dad said soybeans can be bought in supermarkets! Yes! And though I kindda doubted and thought that maybe what he meant was sago {the black pearls in your pearl shakes}, I might as well trust him, right?


So here`s the recipe of kongguksu (Kong means beans in korean, Guksu means noodle soup {Yey! I`m learning my Korean, writing that down from memory. Aaah! Yabang! I`m too proud! }. I`m gonna try this as soon as I find those beans somewhere. You should try too!


Kongguksu Recipe-Maangchi

Anyway, I`m running a little poll in here…right there on your right side.. the right sidebar. Please tick a little box if you have a little more time.


Thank you for dropping by! Winking smile

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  1. were you able to make one yourself? how's it?

  2. @cherrey I haven`t dropped by the supermarket just yet, Cherrey! I was looking forward to the weekend so I could go! I`m excited! haha



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