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Saturdays and Sundays and My Husband's Wrinkled Clothes

4:59 PM

Saturday mornings look different now. Sunday mornings too.

Two months ago, before I got married, Saturdays meant sleeping in and Sundays were "me", family and ministry time. Everything was so easy. I wake up late. Breakfast is ready (Mom and my sister are the best cooks) and I go to church. :D I used to be the last one in the family to get ready and my Mom would wake me up several times to find me sleeping again, 30 minutes before church starts. But things have definitely changed! So many things can happen in a couple of months, right?

These days, Saturday mornings are all about washing piles of dishes, cooking meals and cleaning the bathroom. Sundays mean ironing my husband's pastor clothes (I had no idea it was sooooo hard!) and designing his powerpoint--things that need hard work but which I really like doing for him.

This morning was one of those crazy, challenging days. I woke up a bit late and the husband had breakfast ready. The sleepy, dizzy me thought that I just have enough time to do his Sunday outfit. I got everything ready --a steam iron, our little ironing board, and another travel steamer (whichever works!) only to find more than an hour later that none of those things work. And I cried in frustration because after several ironing sessions with my expert, pastor's wife Mom, I still don't know how to iron a man's long sleeved shirt.

But these days when I feel like a failure are also the days I also feel most loved.

Many people say that a husband's shirt is a reflection of his wife. People use it as a gauge of how good or not a wife is.  I never realized people can be so harsh. :))

But this morning, I found out that a husband's shirt is a reflection of his heart. Wrinkled shirts do not make bad of a wife who's failing but trying hard, but makes good of a husband who loves her wife and appreciates the littlest efforts she makes though she stumbles and makes mistakes.

And I'm grateful because God gave me a husband who sees the well-ironed parts instead of the wrinkles on his shirt, who let's me try, make mistakes and learn from them, who tells me it doesn't have to be perfect and wears to church the far-from-perfect ironed shirt.

If this is what love looks like then my eyes are glued.

Thank You, Jesus.
Thank You for my husband.
And thank You for how crazy beautiful and colorful my new Saturday and Sundays now look like.

Photography © Viola Canaceli (South Korea, 2017)

Everyday Life

A Long Break

6:57 PM

I just came back from a long break. Last week was challenging and frustrating. I had a serious throat infection and I had to stay in the hospital for several days.

There are times when you're okay and you wake up one morning and things feel like they're spiraling down. I never expected a hospital stay less than two months into my newlywed life, but maybe then again, God is teaching me things, showing me who He is in this season of my life.

No matter the circumstance, He is God and He takes good care of His children.

I'm feeling better now and on my way to recovery. My heart is recovering as well. :) And I find comfort in holding on to the truth that the Lord is my shepherd. It's the last thing I'd ever want to forget.


The One Thing You'll Never Do

11:57 AM

Sometimes I forget how much You love me. But when everything is stripped away, I find that it's always been you...who's always been there. You never leave me.heart emoticon

How could I have taken You for granted? How could I have let other things to captivate my heart? When You've been standing there all along. Holding my hand. Reaching out for my heart. Because You know that it's only You who can hold my heart in your hand and never break it. You know I'm safe only there, where you are.

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