On Finding The One

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mwa102884_fal07_couple01_xlWhen I learned what was the topic for today`s Jam on Faith Barista, I was very excited! I could imagine all the love stories that would be pouring on the jammers` blogs and  I couldn`t wait to read everything! Since it`s June, everyone`s sharing how they got married--how they met their love* for the first time and how their love stories unfolded like a lovely rose from its sheath. Aaah! Romantic!

But I really didn`t plan on writing on my blog today—about the topic
(I just planned to read on everyone else`s). I thought it was impossible to write about “Finding The One” since I`m single and not married. haha

But to tell you honestly, I feel kindda funny because I felt a little sad that I don`t have a gigglish love story of my own to write about just yet. Wouldn`t it be nice to write about your own love story instead of just reading about others`? haha ;)

No Love Story, so I`m just sharing a secret
I`m sharing a secret with you today. Don`t spill it out okay?

When I was younger, I dreamt of marrying when I turn 28. I felt like by that time (that`s 5 years from now), I would be mature and rich and I would have done everything I want to do with my life. As I grew older, I thought that maybe 28 is too old so I deducted a year. I said I would marry when I`m 27. And then the preferred age got younger and younger as years passed by. And then, time came when I started to envy friends who got married early. Oh, I wanted to be young bride too! I secretly dreamed of wearing that white dress and walking that aisle as a 21 year-old. I wanted to be like a princess {Cinderella, Princess Diana and Queen Elisabeth all got married early in their 20`s right?}

But you know what, as I learned to trust more on the Lord… all the things I`ve written above just became “preferences” that are okay whether they happen or not. They`re like secondary to an even more bigger preference--which is God`s.

I have learned to make God`s preference my top preference. I made His timing to be my timing, and His taste mine. ;) If He thinks I better off marry when I`m 30-something, that`s very much okay with me. No problem. lolz I know a lot of beautiful, godly women who married in their late 20`s or in their 30`s and they have beautiful marriages. And I could also marry sooner if He wills it (Although that can be quite a little fast.. haha).

I have learned to let go of those ideals I had in mind in exchange for God`s perfect plan. That can be a bit scary, but one`s got to trust “The One” who loves you more than anyone else.

I honestly don`t know what He has in mind. But one thing I know for sure. He only wants what`s best for me.

And for you too.

And to add to that…
God makes miraclesin ways you have NEVER imagined.

He writes the best love stories. He is love Himself, remember?

Song of Solomon 8:6
Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame…

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  1. What words of wisdom from a young woman:)

  2. Okay, first) I'm in love with the cake in your post. :)....I can really relate to your post, except I was the girl that wanted marriage as soon as I had a degree in my hand. God had other plans and I'm realizing that's ay okay! :) great post!

  3. Our three daughters married after they were in their 30’s and all were glad they waited. There will be tests, but don’t flunk out and end up with a second choice. There are things about being single that allow you to go and do what you want without considering your mate. Enjoy Singleness, but don't give up on finding the ONE.

  4. I am 24 years old and know EXACTLY how you feel.
    I don't have anything figured out (not even what "job"
    to have for the rest of my life...) but you know what??
    I'm learning that it's ok not to know...you know? ;)

    I feel like you wrote this post after taking a peek at my <3.
    Thank you for sharing yours...

  5. I got married at 21. I wasn't prepared. First year was a rough one. Second is challenging. Never hurry.

  6. @Dawn Thank you, Dawn! ;) God bless you!

  7. @Jennifer Hi Jennifer! That cake is from Real Weddings! I forgot to link the source!

    Thank you for leaving a word! Yup! Let's trust His plans! His ways and timing are always the best!

  8. @A Joyful Noise Thank you so much for sharing your daughters' stories! And thank you for that advice...not to settle with second choice.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom! I will enjoy these single days!

    Love, love!

  9. @Chelsea Koanui Hi Chelsea! As we get closer to God, we find His perfect will and plans for our lives. Don't give up! Just trust Him!

    Blessings, sis!



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