My Inspector Sister

5:38 AM

Inspector Ava2

You must have heard that I`ve got two sisters. Yup, that`s me plus two lovely, younger sisters (they`re both taller than me…) and no boys. And as you can imagine when three girls come together, you can never predict what happens next.


Last week, after church, all three of us went to the mall to buy clothes for Ava and to get some things from the drugstore. We went to McDonalds to have snacks afterwards…


And while waiting for Viola to come back with food from the counter, my sister Ava, who`s the most business-minded of us three, inquires of my money-spending that day.


Look at her expression! Sooo funny! You should have heard her voice when she said those words in the speech balloons!



Inspector Ava






seed oil cant be


I love Ava and how she works as my financial adviser! haha And how she makes me laugh everytime. {The bottle was covered in a plastic wrap that feels crunchy when you squeeze it. I tore it all up to show there were no seeds. She still thought there were seeds. I opened the bottle, right there at McDonalds, so she would believe.}


Ava is funny! So how could I live without my sisters? Winking smile


How about you? You have a sister too? Or a brother? What do you love about him or her?


PS. Both of my sis left for the National Youth Prayer Gathering this morning and I showed Ava the photos before they head out the door. She said she doesn`t look good here, but laughed even thought and said it`s okay to post. So that`s why I posted it away. She really doesn`t care about image or anything. haha

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  1. aww so cute :D well I do have sisters (no brothers) hehe my other sister... well di kami close kasi she doesnt like the fact that I change "religion" :P pero I am praying for her :)

    I enjoyed the pics XD hehehe

  2. @Chette Thank you, Chette! Wow! You don`t have brothers too? Sometimes, I envy those who have brothers but being "all girls" is so fun, isn`t it? I`m glad it happened this way. ;)

    Aaaw! Sorry to hear about that, but soon enough, you`d get close again... Maybe she was just too concerned with you, but soon she will understand. Let`s pray. I`m Praying with you, sis! ;)

  3. I miss the two of you so much!!! *hugsss* Hope we really get to see each other soon. :))))

  4. @Alyssa C. Miss you so much too, Lyz! Let's schedule a day out. Kelan kaya? ;) hugs!



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