Mercies in Disguise

11:41 PM

I was listening to this song the whole afternoon and it spoke right through my heart--I cried so much! ^^




Don’t we sometimes forget that blessings don’t come only in sweet, candy-like forms, but even our unanswered prayers are gifts from a loving and caring God who wants nothing than the best for us?


I really don’t want to write very long today so you could just enjoy the song. I know you must’ve heard this before but a nice reminder today.


Good night everybody!



Blessings-Laura Story


A Little Word For The Day: When It’s Hard To Forgive

1:08 PM


“One forgives to the degree that one loves.”

I read this quote online tonight and I love it so much.


Here on the blog, I wrote many times about being the one asking for forgiveness, but tables do turn, right? Time comes when it’s our turn to forgive and forget and show mercy. { I sound like a judge… lol}




Seriously, I was wondering which is harder: to ask for forgiveness or to be the offended person who needs to forgive. While it’s really hard and painful to realize you’ve hurt someone you love, I think nothing beats the pain of being the one who’s truly hurt by a person you love dearly. {They’re both painful, but being the one who gets hurt is sometimes the harder position to be in--heavier in the heart and forgiving isn’t always as easy as it sounds, isn’t it?}tumblr_lr4ge4mpp61qi8s83o1_500


But then I think of Jesus. I think of God.  I wonder how could He forgive that easy. We hurt Him. We break His heart. Many, many times. We refuse listen to Him and we disobey His commands. And yet He still takes us back. He still forgives. Like the father who patiently waits for his prodigal son to come home. Like the loving father who quickly runs at the sight of his repentant son from afar.


I know only one reason behind that quickness to pardon and forgive.


3 Kinds of Friends Every Person Should Have

10:18 AM

Our house was full of friends last weekend and it was so refreshing and heartwarming, the smile in my heart wouldn’t go away!




Isn’t a blessing to have people around you—people who love you and care for you and whom you love and care about too?


I remember in my Biblical Studies class back in college, Pastor Mans talked about 3 kinds of people (3 kinds of friends) every Christian should have in his life. It was one of those lessons I really never forgot.


Take a look at this sweet excerpt I saw again last night. Smile

Every Christian should seek to have these 3 individuals in their life: a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy.


A Paul is an older man who is willing to mentor you, to build into your life. Not someone who's smarter or more gifted than you, but somebody who's been down more of the road than you. Somebody willing to share his strengths and weaknesses--everything he's learned in the laboratory of life. Somebody whose faith you'll want to imitate.

A Barnabas is a soul brother, somebody who loves you but is not impressed by you. Somebody to whom you can be accountable. Somebody who's willing to keep you honest, who's willing to say, "Hey, man, you're neglecting your family, and don't give me any excuses!"

A Timothy is a younger man into whose life you are building. For a model, read 1 and 2 Timothy. Here was Paul, the quintessential mentor, building into the life of his protege--affirming, encouraging, teaching, correcting, directing, praying.

It’s so nice to think how none us could walk this faith alone, but we need people to walk with us along the way. There are times we would need others to be there for us and there are times when it’s our turn to share, to help out and encourage.


Do you have these three people in your life presently?



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A Little Word For The Day

A Little Word For The Day: Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

6:50 AM

Since the day we started to move I’d been listening to Sara Groves’ new album ‘Invisible Empires’ in the evening when I’m alone upstairs and everyone has fallen asleep.

One song that I really love to play and repeat over and over is this song called ‘Eyes on The Prize’, which is a remake of the old civil rights version.


What struck me the most about the song is its message to keep pressing on and holding on no matter what we may be going through right now, and to keep our eyes on what’s ahead—on what really matters.


When The Road Gets Rocky

Sometimes, when things get really hard while we work for the Lord, we get so discouraged and we lose sight of the prize. We forget that  this is not “it” and there’s eternity waiting for us. We forget about His promise.



When I was younger, I thought that I really didn’t need any reward when I get to heaven because being with the Lord is enough and it is reward in itself. I mean, Jesus is really the reward of heaven and it’s true and He is my reward forever... But as I grew older, in fact, just now, I realized  the value of the ‘prize’ and ‘reward’ that the Lord will give to those who serve him.


Everyday Life

A Simple Woman’s Daybook: It’s A New Day

5:08 AM


tumblr_lragibkwR11qjva42o1_500Outside my window

It’s drizzling and the dawn’s pretty and quiet. Everything is still and not a single leaf is moving. It’d be cool to walk on the streets—it would look like you’re in a Korean drama (of course, minus the Kwon Sang Woo. lol) I’m also starting to get used to the new view. And yes, I’m looking outside the window of our new house. We’ve moved!



I am thinking

about dreams. I realized I have to quit chasing after the smaller dreams I have in my heart in exchange for that one big dream that I know God is calling me to do. In fact, I realized I tried to be  content with these “smaller” dreams because I was afraid of the big dream.


But we really have to be courageous and take that leap of faith or we’re missing out on what God wants to accomplish through our lives—not that we have to be courageous in ourselves, but to find our courage in our Big God, the One who planted those dreams in our hearts. Right? Winking smile


I am thankful

for every blessing that I have in my life right now. God is so, so good and this verse is coming to life in my life right now—after the long desert season.


Forget what happened long ago! Don't think about the past. I am creating something new. There it is! Do you see it? I have put roads in deserts, streams in thirsty lands.

Isaiah 43:18-19

In the kitchen

Oh, I don’t know what we’ve got in the kitchen! Since we’ve started to move, I’ve never eaten a home-cooked meal. We’ve been  ordering stir-fried noodles from the local noodle shop or making salted duck eggs with tomatoes—which are both YUMMY!



I am wearing

Pyjamas. In pastel polka dots. lol


I am creating

I just printed out my mini card (calling card) last night! But I think it’s funny and I don’t have the guts to hand it out to friends or to new ones I’ll be meeting.  It’s got a big picture of my face on the front page! lol


I am going

to go fix myself a glass of milk. Hungry.



I am wondering

why the neighbors’ dogs love to bark at 2am. Yes, almost all of our neighbors own a dog and they bark in chorus every morning. Really funny.

I am reading

Bruce Wilkinsons’ The Dream Giver.


I am looking forward to

to meet with girlfriends on Monday! Yey! We’re having a little breakfast party. Smile




I am hearing

Rain water falling  from the roof. The rain had just stopped though and it’s really a beautiful morning. Winking smile

Around the house

Everything is still in boxes and bags. Still got a lot of unpacking to do.


One of my favorite things

is my pocket journal (which is full now! Only one page remaining!) and my little prayer box where I keep prayers requests. And creamy drinks! I’m lovin’ chocolate milk like a kid again!


A few plans for the rest of the week:


Grocery shopping and find a good breakfast menu for the girls and,

just to keep everything in order around the house.

Happy Saturday! Have a great weekend ahead!


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