A Little Word For The Day: Keep Your Eyes on The Prize

6:50 AM

Since the day we started to move I’d been listening to Sara Groves’ new album ‘Invisible Empires’ in the evening when I’m alone upstairs and everyone has fallen asleep.

One song that I really love to play and repeat over and over is this song called ‘Eyes on The Prize’, which is a remake of the old civil rights version.


What struck me the most about the song is its message to keep pressing on and holding on no matter what we may be going through right now, and to keep our eyes on what’s ahead—on what really matters.


When The Road Gets Rocky

Sometimes, when things get really hard while we work for the Lord, we get so discouraged and we lose sight of the prize. We forget that  this is not “it” and there’s eternity waiting for us. We forget about His promise.



When I was younger, I thought that I really didn’t need any reward when I get to heaven because being with the Lord is enough and it is reward in itself. I mean, Jesus is really the reward of heaven and it’s true and He is my reward forever... But as I grew older, in fact, just now, I realized  the value of the ‘prize’ and ‘reward’ that the Lord will give to those who serve him.


A Missionary Couple From Africa

I once read about this couple who’d been serving in Africa for 25 years and on the day of their homecoming in America, it also happened to be the day the President was coming home from a trip abroad.

Of course, the president was welcomed home with a celebration while the missionary couple had none of that after decades of serving and giving their life. The husband said “Look, no one was here to welcome us when we come home after a long while of serving while the president had been away only for days…”.

The reply of the wife really opened my eyes and heart. She said “But we’re not even home yet.”

For many  who are serving in the ministry

I know there are many men and women of God who are working hard for the Gospel to be shared to ends of the earth, and I know it’s not easy. Some are giving up everything they have, others even their own lives. And many times the hard work don’t get appreciated. Sometimes, they are tired and alone…and there are some who are even hungry themselves and no one is there to feed them.

The Bible says we should  keep our eyes on the prize and  look forward to what’s ahead. Jesus is waiting for us in the finish line. He is our greatest reward. His love is our greatest reward.

Our lives don’t end here. We’re meant for another world…and yes, we’re not home—not yet.


God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Hebrews 6:10

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