3 Kinds of Friends Every Person Should Have

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Our house was full of friends last weekend and it was so refreshing and heartwarming, the smile in my heart wouldn’t go away!




Isn’t a blessing to have people around you—people who love you and care for you and whom you love and care about too?


I remember in my Biblical Studies class back in college, Pastor Mans talked about 3 kinds of people (3 kinds of friends) every Christian should have in his life. It was one of those lessons I really never forgot.


Take a look at this sweet excerpt I saw again last night. Smile

Every Christian should seek to have these 3 individuals in their life: a Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy.


A Paul is an older man who is willing to mentor you, to build into your life. Not someone who's smarter or more gifted than you, but somebody who's been down more of the road than you. Somebody willing to share his strengths and weaknesses--everything he's learned in the laboratory of life. Somebody whose faith you'll want to imitate.

A Barnabas is a soul brother, somebody who loves you but is not impressed by you. Somebody to whom you can be accountable. Somebody who's willing to keep you honest, who's willing to say, "Hey, man, you're neglecting your family, and don't give me any excuses!"

A Timothy is a younger man into whose life you are building. For a model, read 1 and 2 Timothy. Here was Paul, the quintessential mentor, building into the life of his protege--affirming, encouraging, teaching, correcting, directing, praying.

It’s so nice to think how none us could walk this faith alone, but we need people to walk with us along the way. There are times we would need others to be there for us and there are times when it’s our turn to share, to help out and encourage.


Do you have these three people in your life presently?



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  2. Fantastic reminders about the importance of friends, especially people to help us in our Christian walk. Thanks for sharing!

  3. aww... i love this post..and your blog is a breath of fresh air. i enjoy reading your posts. It has very sensible topics..keep it up girl!:))




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