What`s Your Breakfast Favorite?

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For a week, I`ve been feeding on Palabok for breakfast. There`s this sweet little panciteria which recently opened in our street (for my non-Filipino friends, panciteria is like a pizzeria but selling pancit  or Chinese stir-fried noodles instead of pizza :), and since my Dad found out about it, we`ve been buying palabok, which is a pancit variety, for breakfast ever since. Plus, there are a couple of bakeries in our street too, so Pan de Sal (salt bread) which is a Filipino breakfast staple (always baked fresh every morning) is always easily accessible.




I love palabok but I`m not really so fond of Pan De Sal. It`s hard to eat it lying down because the crumbs  covering it always finds its way to my eyes. And those crumbs are like sand! Now, why do I eat it lying down, anyway? haha My Mom just loves waking us up in the morning, carrying breakfast to bed. But it doesn`t happen now since I wake up earlier than her and my sisters do jump out of bed at the smell of pancit. ;)


Aside from palabok, I have a few favorites for breakfast.


coffeeI`m so in love with Japanese blend coffee. And I like it iced. Forget about brewed, Starbucks and all.


Untitled-2 copy

(aka. McDonalds Egg McMuffins)

This is on my list because I`m really craving for it! Mmmm…. I wish I could have this everyday, but that`d be too bad for my health.



I feel healthy drinking a glass of milk in the morning. Hot chocolate makes feel like a kid again. I love, love, love mallows!


Creamy Macaroni Soup

This is common in Filipino households for breakfast, when Moms are in the mood for some cooking and a lot of chopping early in the morning. My Mom even makes prawn dishes when she feels like it. haha But I never stopped loving creamy macaroni soup no matter what yummy dishes Mama ever came up with for breakfast.



I could just have an apple in the morning and I`m ready to go {But it would be good if there`d be cheese slices. haha}. Seriously, I could feed on fruits and vegetables alone for a week or month… I`m in love with any fruit that grows on trees. The other week, I’ve been eating kiwi everyday until we ran out it. I ate everything on my own. ;)


Well, this is my ideal breakfast. It’s hard to cook in the morning… haha and because I usually don’t want anything heavy like rice, but I do love fried rice with Spanish sausage and all.


But since I`m missing tuna fritters and eggs, I’m gonna go to supermarket and make a breakfast menu for a week. If there’s really one house chore I love doing for the family, that’s cooking and seeing them happily eating is my joy!


How about you?

What’s your breakfast staple? Favorites?


Hit that comment button and why not share a picture too?


Good morning!

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