Ice Cream Sunday and A Crazy Week

4:30 PM

So I`m not feeling so well and I decided to stay and have ice cream with my Mom and Dad.

The past few days has been quite a struggle, although there were some perks and you know, God just made me know that no matter how much things can go bad, He will still be there to cheer you up and provide people to make you smile and see the brighter side of your situation.

Nashee is like an angel that God sends to me whenever I`m almost an inch from giving up. I mean, I won`t give up. But there are just times when you badly need someone to stand by you and pray for you or you`ll die (in tears, that is.. hehe)...and Nashee just comes exactly at the right time.

Can`t believe I made it through this week.

I`m really thankful that Kuya Noy and Nashee gave me a hand in doing the videos... Kuya Noy with the editing (He`s a genious!)  and Nashee with the brainstorming and floor directing (She`s the best!) And PB, of course, when we need to be taken to San Jose for the interviews we had to make.

I don`t know how things will turn out this week. I`m looking forward and I`m counting on God to turn the bad things around. ;)

 1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—
       where does my help come from?

Psalm 121:1

Anyway, love staying with my Mom and Dad. Missed them so much. They`re always so close...but I am always distant...because of all my responsibilities and concerns. I wish everything will just stay like this. haha

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