You're My Rock

1:47 AM

This is one of my favorite songs and this evening, I was in tears because of a reason you'll most probably tease me about one day--and I tell you, it's a heartbreak. haha

Well, God has plans and one just have to trust that the Father knows the desires of your heart, and that He cares for you and loves you even though sometimes, things may not happen your way. And in this case, that He cannot give me what I want. 

I think I am learning to trust more and depend on Him more than I ever did before. I know He loves me stil--and forever willl.

Anyway, this song is perfect 'cause in the middle of my tears, I remembered this and found myself singing. Exactly what my heart is crying out right now. ;) I just wish it's found  on the web; sadly it's not. Just read on. I hope this touches you as much as it touched mine the first time I heard it.


Sometimes I get lost like a child in the dark
Who's wandered off just a little too far away

But then I see Your face

And when I reach for too high a star
Sometimes I fall just a little too hard

Well, that's when I call your name
And there You are

You're the river that leads me home
You're the believer when my faith is gone
And when the ground trembles under my feet
I just fall into Your arms
And thank You, Lord for what I've got

'Cause You're my rock

Sometimes I feel like the world plays too rough
Too many tears and not enough love to around
There's more lost than found

But like a dove who's come home to nest
I've found a place where my heart can rest

And it's time I let You know
How much I've been blessed

--Becca Jackson

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