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1,000 Gifts: 2012 In Pictures (Part 1)

1:28 AM

It`s been a while since I last blogged. So many good things have happened the past year. The Lord has been so faithful and even that is an understatement! He`s been so good and loving and I feel very grateful. From my injury that`s healed now, to opportunities He gave, He`s always been there guiding and teaching, blessing and purifying my heart. And even through tough times, He was there to comfort and strengthen and save when I couldn`t go on any longer.


I guess last year, God spoke to my heart through experiences… My motives were revealed, heart issues were made to come out and it`s so comforting now looking back because I knew the the Lord is more concerned about my heart more than I’ve ever imagined. And He wants to change me into the person He wants me to be, looking more and more like His Son Jesus.:)


So I`ll take this opportunity to share with you some of the things I’m so thankful for last year which I wasn`t able to share. :) Hope you`re also doing good. Really missed you, guys!


Last year, I got the opportunity to serve at the Korean Cultural Center. Helped out with their print designs, taught in culture classes, and went out to culture caravans in public schools around the city. It was so fun and I learned a lot of things. It’s always nice to learn about new culture and meet a lot of new friends.

I wrote on my application paper that I hope I’d love the Philippines more as I explore and learn more about Korean culture. And it really did happen. During my stay in KCC, as I watched and enjoyed Korean culture and watch Koreans love their culture, I loved and appreciated my heritage more. I felt proud about my own people and  prayed that someday, I would also be able to contribute something for the Philippines.


Youth Ministry last year has been so much fun! When we started the year, our college students were just new in church and now almost all of them are serving in different ministries. It’s amazing how the Lord is working in the lives and I pray they’d love and seek Jesus more!

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