Weekend Playdate: 1,000 Gifts

10:49 PM

My cousins and I went for a short break at the park on Sunday. And it brought back a lot of little girl memories! Don`t you miss playing with your cousins under the sun? Or dressing up your dolls with them?



{on the photo: Ate Glaiza, Gladys, My sister Ava…

and Viola on the swing.}

I missed that very much!

My cousins Glaiza and Gladys… we could talk about everything and every girly secret we`d been keeping all day long and time would still not be enough.


Too bad they had to go home early in the afternoon.


But I`m happy `cause I got to play again with them. It`s been a long time since I played in a playground and slid down that slide…


And you know, I got a bit afraid with that height… I can`t believe I`m still afraid of heights at my age… Winking smile

Playdate Take a closer look!




162. For enjoying a little playdate with my cousins…

163. For how the youth bible study on Wednesdays turned out. My heart felt alive teaching in small group set-up.

164. For hope because the Lord lovingly comes to fix things I`ve screwed up.

165. Because I know Jesus is with me.

166. I got a new laptop charger! I had a hard time posting my last post because the family computer had no editor…

167. Opportunities to design again. I`m loving it!

168. For people God sends to give me a word of encouragement!

169. For people who loves with stubborn love.

170. For realizing I have so much in my life.


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  1. What a wonderful list of gratitudes. I love my cousins too and it has been way too long since I last saw them. That is what happens when we don't live in the same country at this time.
    Have a blessed week.

  2. i can't remember when was my last time at the playground.

  3. @Marianne Hi Marianne! My cousins and I talked about that last time, about enjoying our time together while it`s not very hard for us to meet up. My other cousin plans to get married next year so it might not be easy to find time anymore when she has her family.

    I pray you and your cousins would spend time together soon! Maybe they can go home or you can visit them!

    Thank you for leaving a beautiful word today here on the blog! Blessings, Marianne!

  4. @Richard Ling Hi Richard! Maybe you should plan a trip to the playground with your friends sometime. It`s fun to feel like a child again, to be happy because of little things! ;) Blessings to you!

  5. My kids love spending time with their cousins. I love watching them laugh, giggle, and enjoy their time together. Wonderful list.

  6. @Tammy Hi Tammy! Thank you! Cousins really are one of the sweetest blessings God has blessed us with... ;)



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