Sweet List: Your Pastel Style

12:38 AM

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I`m so in love with cool, pretty pastels! They`re like summer and rainy days combined into one, like sunshine and rain coming together. Ah, they`re as sweet as candy!


Old Rose Scoopneck Dress, Kamiseta, P1699

Dotted Mini Cotton Wallet, Cotton Mania, $16

Blonde Beige Crochet Flower Handbag, Mojospastyle, $68

Blossoms Hair Clips, SewSweet Stiches, $18

Crelise Top, Kamiseta, P1199

Mint Green Flats, SM Dept. Stores

Love Candy Poster, MadebyGirl, $35

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  1. I love pastel, but I looked really young for my age so I need to start wearing mature styles and colors. But those are really cute, don't get me wrong... I'm trying to get over them hehe

  2. @cherrey Haha After reading your comment, I stared at the photo and thought that it was very high-schoolish! haha

    I will make a classy, mature looking board in the future! I think I look good wearing smart clothes too! ;)

    As for me, I need that ruffled sleeves and girly looking tees. My sisters always tell me my face looks really simple so I need that girly touch. I don`t have a lot of them in my closet, actually... so I dream of pastels... Btw, they`re kindda hard to find in shops these days, aren`t they?



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