An Ice Cream For Encouragement: A Faith Barista Jam

9:11 AM

Encouragement comes in many forms. They could be words written in little colorful notes. Sweet thoughts scribbled on pretty, scented paper. Sometimes, they also come in the form of an action, like a tap on a shoulder or an invitation for ice cream in a lonely, summer night. Often, they could be the music that whispers to your ears as you sit by the windowsill and soft bright rays fall on your face.


I think I’m blessed to have received the gift in many different forms.

And I thank the Lord for having sweet people around me who comes along when I really need it the most.


I really couldn’t forget that afternoon in October almost three years ago. I felt like dying because this creeping gloominess is finding its way deeper into my heart. I felt like slipping over a cliff and I my heart was panicking. I needed God to catch me quick and I needed a hand to hold me and keep me still.



That moment in the campus prayer room, sitting on a red, native mattress surrounded by pillows covered in satin, Ate Kix held my hands tight and prayed with me. She asked me questions I couldn’t even ask myself. Reminded me that God is constantly holding me and I would not need to fear that I would slip away. Her hands that held mine, I felt like they were God’s hands touching me.  And I knew that God holds and stills my shaking hands.

Ate means older sister in Filipino.


That same day, my Kuya Mark came to the prayer room and heard that I was sad. He was quick to remember that ice cream makes a tearful heart remember sunshine and the brightest of days. So he asked me if I would like to go out for ice cream after class and bring with me my friends, whoever would love to come along. And then, a few minutes later, there were already four or five of us for him to treat for ice cream.

Kuya means older brother in Filipino


It wasn’t something fancy. But because of that, I wouldn’t forget about McDonalds ever. That’s where I learned that even in tears you could still choose to laugh. You could still find a way to giggle. {Well, I didn’t giggle that day. Kuya Mark and I laughed at Onah and Ava because they were giggling and we laughed even more because we agreed that as people grow older, people don’t giggle like that anymore.} It was really a lovely day. One of the loveliest days I had in my life.



If you would ask me about encouragement, I would excitedly tell you what happened on that teary, school day in October. I really don’t have any words to describe what encouragement is like. I don’t know how to describe them, truthfully. I can only tell how they made my heart feel when I was giving up. I can only tell  the stories and how they happen.


Encouragement comes to life when you hold a hand who fears. When you pray with someone’s whose got a troubled heart. When you care to make other people smile and wipe away their tears. Encouragement happens when you let a person know that her heart is valuable and her tears are counted. When you make her feel she’s loved because you chose to become God’s hands and feet.



Because Kuya Mark and Ate Kix encouraged me that day, I learned many things about God I never knew before. He {Jesus} really do care about my fears and my tears. And He wants to take me out for my favorite ice cream.


I am the Cathy you know today because of these two people who built me up and lifted me up to Lord. And they are just two of the many people who became the hands of the Lord who hold me tight in this broken world. People who lend me their ears and their hankies, leave me colorful notes, treat me for Zagu and Pearl Shakes and feed me all kinds of “happy” food you could ever think of…and the people who listened, fell on their knees and prayed so hard for me.


You know who you are.


I love you all and I’ll be forever grateful.


I wish I can mention you all.


But encourage one another day after day,

as long as it is still called “Today”….

Hebrews 3:13


P.S. For those who were wondering why I so love ice cream, you know now why. Do you also happen to love something because someone encouraged you though it? Or are there people whom you can’t forget because they gave courage to your heart so well?


I would also love to hear…

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  1. That was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. @Jen Hi, Jen! Thank you to you as well! Btw, I saw your blog. wow! You`re a sergeant for the marine corps! That`s so cool! Praying for your protection and for you to be happy always! Stay blessed, sis!

  3. Hello Cathy,

    I love this post. It made ice cream seem really wonderful. How can it not be when it become God's instrument to remind you that He can restore you and that He is in control. :)



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