Weekly Reading List 6.1

8:39 PM

I realized I`ve been staying indoors most of the time since June began. Aaay, it`s been raining really hard. Like today there`s a tropical depression and there`s another storm coming this week. And would you believe, last week, classes have been suspended on the 2nd day of school?


But I really love rainy days. I love staying indoors wearing my cutest pair of socks, drinking hot chocolate and chatting with my sisters. And today, I`m really enjoying and not missing summer days. ;)




Reading has been so fun, too… and I`ve been reading a lot when there`s nothing to do. And there are more things I`m enjoying now than just that.




1. Fixing rainy day snacks {milk, chocolate crackers, etc.}

2. Sleeping haha




3. Drawing and writing on my journal

4. Tidying up my room

5. Making hot steamy soups


6. Working { I`m a freelance designer and my office is at home so I can enjoy most of these things while I happily work with designs…}


Now, so much of my stories… Here are the links!


My Prodigal Daughter by Kara

Holy Tempering by Caryin Poling  {I love the chocolate illustration!}

Night-Light Fight by Morgan {My sisters and I can relate!}

Sinfulness Isn`t Unique To Other People by Anna

5 Refreshing Summer Recipes on Sushibelle 

{if it`s summer over at your place}


How about you?

What do you enjoy doing during rainy days?


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