You`re Blessed, Even At The End of The Rope

1:59 AM

Verse of The dayPeople might call us crazy when we call ourselves blessed even when we`re at the end of the rope, stuck and with nothing to do and no power to change our situation.


But we are blessed because in times like these…

God proves Himself more powerful. He comes to grab us and catch us…


If there`s one thing I love being at the end of the rope, it is learning surrender and falling towards His unending, overflowing love.


Today, if you`re like me… at the end of your rope, remind yourself that you are blessed because God will surely come along. There is more of Him when we are weak.


And in case you didn`t realize what that meant…


It means victory.

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  1. I read your blog. At time as if He is speaking to me.

    And I realized am so blessed.

  2. its really so shows our believe which makes all the things gr8....:)



  3. Thank you for all the warm comments, friends! God bless you all! Have a great day today! ;)



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