Tell… I Mean, Cheer Your Heart To Beat Again

6:25 AM

I hope my sister Viola doesn`t read this. Ah, she`ll laugh at me forever.



This morning she joked that my heart was racing and my hands were shaking, like how I tease her all the time. And I laughed at her, because she`s so good in imitating my joke and throwing it back at me. She really made me laugh with her hands trembling like an internet freak having withdrawal symptoms. ;) But laughing, to be honest, was a bit hard because…yeah, it was true. My heart was really racing… and numb. And tears could fall down down my cheeks anytime. And at times I even feel like birds {Did you their hearts stop beating when they get extremely lonely and heartbroken?} And my alibi that it was all because I lack sleep… that was lame, isn`t it?




You wouldn`t believe how many times I talked to myself the whole day, reminding myself to trust God and not take back the worries I have already surrendered to Him. And if there`s one thing I`m learning in this, it is the persistence and determination to stay encouraged in trembling, heart-numbing times. One`s really got to learn to tell his heart to beat again..and trust again. And if speaking doesn`t work, one has to learn something else.  And to be really good in it, at that. We must learn how to do a little cheerleading! Smile with tongue out {Oops! Does that sound a bit out of this world?}


The Self-Pitying Girl

I used to be the girl who wallows in self-pity when discouraging times come. I sigh. I cry. And then I sleep. And I feel like a bird. A heartbroken bird. {My sister really shouldn`t read this!!! haha } But today, I found out that God is in the process of making me stronger. And I`m surprised I`ve been a bit stronger than before. Glad that I`ve been… even just a bit.



He taught me how to look at the sky to pray whenever this little heart of mine feels like a cold, bubbling, nervous softdrink.  To look unto Him and trust that He can and will do something. And He also made me learn…a little cheerleading. I`ve learned one`s really got to encourage himself to keep on fighting--but in a different way. Fighting by trusting.


And you know, the bubbling, nervous kind of thing in my heart fades like a bubble when I learn  to trust and let go—so He could do the mending and the “working”.  The numbness unbelievably fades away. And I don`t feel like a trembling internet freak with shaking hands anymore.


How about you?

Do you also need some encouragement today?



Then go on and cheer your heart to keep believing that God is ACTIVELY working in your life. Stand from where you are sitting, clench your fist  and shout “Fighting!”.


And maybe we can do a little cheerleading together. Numb hearts, fantastically, are really good in encouraging other numb hearts, even if they themselves need encouragement.



So, I shall be cheering for you and you really have to do that for me too, okay! Winking smile


Let`s keep FIGHTING a good fight of faith, guys and girls!


God is alive and working!



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  1. Such an encouragement Cathy, God bless you!

  2. @Mj Lorenzo You're welcome, MJ! And thanks for leaving a comment here on the blog!

    Blessings and hugs to you, sweet sister!

  3. @Nyle Thank you for dropping by the blog today, Nyle!

  4. hheheh nice blog post! I somehow feel the same way, sometimes.. but always, as in always, God is there to lift me up when I'm down... Thank you so much for this encouraging blog...

    Oh, you're from the philippines too??? Kababayan...

  5. @todrawneargod Yeah, that's true. There are ups and downs in this life but God will always be there to lift us up everytime!

    Yeah! I'm very much Filipina! Happy to find a friend from the Philippines here! God bless you sister! See around!

  6. this is a nice cheerful post.. you don't sound like you need any more encouragement.. you've done it pretty well yoursef.. god bless!

  7. @cherrey Thank you, Cherrey! But staying encouraged is really an everyday decision... I really have to fight for it at times. But God will always sustain us, right?

    Stay blessed!



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