Fairytale Bride Dresses

2:05 PM

beatiful-dress-and-flowersSeriously, do you really have to be a bride to wear these? I could wear these everyday cooking in the kitchen! hahaha


I wonder why did they ever changed women`s clothing into jeans and shirts when girls would look pretty, and charming, and stunning in flowing, girly dresses.


I must get a bride dress like this someday and wear it at home. hahaha



I`m just wondering why the bride in these photos look so sad, when she looks really, really beautiful. Winking smile


Dresses by Delphine Manivet.

Photos by Elizabeth Messina.

Via 79ideas

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  1. have to show these to my daughter- she'll be thinking the same thing about why the bride looks sad when she is so beautiful and should be so happy!!



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