I`ll See You Soon!

4:29 AM

Hi, my dear friends! I`m taking a break from blogging for a while and I want to let you know so my absence wouldn`t leave you wondering where am I.




It has come to a point in my life where I have to get a way from my usual activities and set on a quiet journey of challenges, new adventures and hope. I`m starting a walk of faith that is, of course, filled with elements of uncertainty and blindness towards the next step, because how can it be faith if we are so sure? And as nervous as I am now is my heart`s desire to cling into my Lord`s hands and heart as I walk the next steps of life.




I won`t be gone for long. I hope just for a week or two. Smile I`ll be back when I have the good news to share with you. I`m practicing my faith now, see? I hope you would stay around with me until I come back with more faith-filled stories, for more victories and triumph. And I also would want to ask for you to pray for me, your sister in the Lord, as I face these challenges head on.



But before I go on my little break

I want to share with you a few things. I couldn`t just leave without the links, right? haha


A new book written by a friend I met in Subic Bay several years ago is something I`m so excited about. Jia Min was a missionary from Doulos, and their ship was on shore for a moment and I happened to be right in Subic for a missions trip as well. I was so inspired with her life and testimony.image


She was fresh from a prestigious college in Singapore when she took the less traveled road, obeying the Lord and leaving her comfort zone to join a missions group that traveled by sea, going around the world to spread the Good News, instead of pursuing a career and supporting her family.



Now, she`s got a book published—Out of the Harbor—her journal entries for 6 years on board the ship and I can`t wait to get a hold of the book myself.


Here`s my favorite part from the preview on her blog. Funny and entertaining but so teaches life`s sweetest lessons.

Port Said, Egypt: Plastic Bags and Tea Bags



If you`re in Singapore, you can find it in any major bookstores. If not, you can order it online here.


And of course, here`s a recipe you

might want to try. I can`t wait to try this one myself.


Amy Cotler`s Strawberry Yogurt Soup at Design Sponge.






So, I got to go now! I`ll see you soon!



PS. Please check out the archives when you miss me. Smile And you can still contact me via the contact form on this site. I`ll respond as quick as I can. Smile

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  1. Have a wonderful break and come back all refreshed :)



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