The Best Things In Life Are Free

3:26 AM

I really like hotel bathroom slippers. Not the fluffy, rabbit kind of slippers you get on Disneyland. Just the thin, paper-weight slips you find along with your bathrobe when you check into a hotel. Those white, neat things that make you feel like walking on a cloud barefoot. Oh, they`re the loveliest things for me! They`re comfy and light and warm just enough that you`d love to walk around them forever (I actually wouldn`t be surprised if these are hotel mogul`s secret to getting super rich! haha).



I actually have a pair of them back home right now. No, I didn`t bring one myself!   Winking smile They were given to me as gift {BTW, did you know hotels are actually selling them in their gift shops? I actually didn`t know that.}. And I love walking around with them! Never mind  the cutest, fluffiest Hello-Kitty or Mickey Mouse slips from Disneyland. I love my comfy hotel slippers like crazy!


Now, I just thought about that ol` famous quote that says “The best things in life are free.” Not just because you don`t have to pay for them but because the best things in life, thanks to the grace of God, actually come free of charge! Like my youth group`s laughter, and mom`s amazing cooking… My sisters miraculously volunteering to help me with my laundry… Dad offering me a ride to work. These are the best things! And I wouldn`t mind getting all of these beautiful freebies forever!



Sometimes, we look for grand things to be happy and we miss those amazing stuff--and times-- God gives us for free.


A year ago, I was working full-time as a video editor and I was so consumed with work that I was like living in the office ( I work 10-12 [sometimes more] hours a day) and everything around me where buildings and cars and there were no traces of sunrise or sunsets or luscious green gardens. I thought I would go crazy.


memories in breeze

So the other day, on my way to home from work, I was so happy watching the sun setting down. I was smitten with those golden orange and purple colors painted across the sky. They were totally magnificent. And I really thank the Lord because not only that  sunset is free and we don`t have to pay to watch it, but that now I finally have the time to actually stare at it as long as I want.


Like the sun that sets on the west every single day, God`s little blessings are also always present and renewed everyday. God`s little  surprises, they were always there. Sometimes, sadly,  we are the ones who aren`t present to witness them.



How many sunsets have I missed this year? I don`t know. 364, I guess.  I was the one who didn`t open my eyes. They had always been there. I just needed to look outside, open my eyes and see. And then I`d fun God`s sweet gift to me… the answer to the what I`ve been praying about for so long.


How about you? What free stuff do you love in life? What are those that have you missed the past week, month or year? Do you also like sunsets or hotel slippers?

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  1. I LOVE SUNSETS.... I love the moments of the sun slowly sets down... seems to be it was swollen by the sea... God bless. :-)

  2. What a delightful blog! And God gives us so many free gifts that we just don't notice because of all of our busyness or because we are sucked into focusing on other, less important things. Wonderful reminder. Thanks!

    Found you through Blogaton 2011 and I just RSS-ed you (is that a word?)

  3. @Rose Ragai Hi Rose! I can imagine what your describing! My favorite sunset was a few years ago...when I was sitting by the beach and the sky was light green like cotton candy and the clouds were puffy. ;) We should take a picture next time...

  4. @Kate @ Teaching What Is Good Hi Kate! Thank you--for your kind words of the RSS-ing. haha

    I'll check out your blog too! I'm having a great time writing since the Blogathon started. How is it going for you?




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