The Time In Between

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The “time in between” is the hardest part in waiting (Anyone who disagrees? ;) It`s the time when you begin to think of all these crazy things about doing it your way. It`s the time when you think giving up is the most reasonable, practical, scientific option you could take. It`s actually the time when I sit in front of my computer with drooping head and pouting lips, feeding on every single cracker and cookie I can find at 4 o`clock in the morning.




The “time in between” is trying… a time when your faith needs to be working even if things are shaking, and you have to learn to pick yourself up and encourage your soul deep within. It`s the time when you really have to get up from where you are sitting (or crying) entertaining those “practical” thoughts and remind yourself that  Jesus is coming and His promise isn`t wavering.


I`m in that time in between.

I`m in that time when I`m waiting for a decision to come out, which will ultimately have a big effect on my life. God gave me a promise. A promise like the one He gave to Sarah. Unbelievable. Ginormous and impossible. And yet something God says possible.


And I think I`m halfway there.



Halfway is the most dangerous part of the journey.



Halfway through the journey is when faith begins to battle with fear. It is when faith comes face to face with reason. It is when what`s normal clashes with the supernatural.


It is when I need to get a quick hold on something, lest I should fall.


Remembering What I`m Here For


My generation probably grew up as “pressured” generation. Me and my friends, we are all obsessed to become who God wants us to be—right now. We all want to get somewhere. Live the life God has promised to us. Step on our Promise Land. Walk on the Palace courts like Joseph. Not in 3 years. Definitely not in ten years, but right now. Time is everything. No way we can lose  precious time.


Achieve when you`re young and you`re the best. And it`s kinda frustrating to be 20-something and be in this time “in-between”. Until…luverholic


God reminded me what I`m here for. I`m not here for anything. I am not even here for the Promise Land. I`m not here so I could gain anything. I am here to please Him. I am here to bring glory to Him.



The time in between= Look unto Him.


The time in between is when He takes the pressure and the worries off my hands and tells me that He is the only One I should focus my eyes onto.


You find Him here. Here in the time in between.


Because He is. He is the time in between.


“And without faith it is impossible to please Him,
for he who comes to God must believe that He is
and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.”
Hebrews 11:6


Photo credits:  Yinniemouse

and Loveholic on Tumblr.

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  1. What a GREAT post!! I preach a sermon called "The God of the In between time" I was reading your post it was like I was getting greater insight!! Good thoughts!!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words! Yes one should encourage oneself in the Lord but it's awesome to get that encouragment from others every now and again too... so once again thanks!

    God Bless



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