Classy Herb-Baked Eggs

Posted on May 21, 2011 by Cathy in ,

I`m thinking about something for breakfast tomorrow because I`m tired of pan noodles and canned tuna. ;) This week had been fairly busy so none of us ever made our way to supermarket.


So these eggs are just fine `cause they`re everywhere and we`ve got plenty of herbs, still, in the kitchen cabinets (I tried to hide my secret herbs but yeah, they`re running out. My sister Viola is trying them on everything she cooks).


Baked eggs on ramekin dishes! My dad would be so proud. Very, very French!






Mmmm… What can you say?


But I should follow the instructions carefully because they`re not as easy as scrambled eggs. Aaah. It`s good food. It`s FRENCH.


And Cathy, everything that`s French is classy. Everything that looks classy can be complicated.image


But I won`t give up! And you shouldn`t either.


Wanna try this with me tomorrow morning?


Click here for the full recipe.

All photos from A Cozy Kitchen.


Comeca Jones said...[Reply to comment]

Looks great Im trying it !

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