Weekly Reading List 5.1

10:41 PM

Oops! I haven`t been posting my reading links for over a month now. And I`m wondering if the title above is still appropriate. “Weekly” when I`m actually doing it monthly or like twice in a month. Winking smile



Anyway, here are the links! The week I was away, I tried my best not to engage so much on social media and even resisted the temptation to read blogs. I felt like I needed to quiet down my life for a while, away from the busy, noisy blogosphere and media networks.


And I`m finding that I`m not the only one needing a break from it all. Do you sometimes feel you need to step back from your computer for a while?  Aaah! I am comforted! (Pastor Jaeson Ma left today for a 40-day stay in a monastery, with no phones and internet) I felt that I needed silence in my life so I could listen to His voice much clearer and easier, without having to cut through all the noise around my head.



For one week, I got to enjoy working in the kitchen, chatting with my the family non-stop, and yes, peace of mind. I  really can`t imagine living without gadgets and internet and all. But for the first time in my life, I felt it`s actually great when you`re away from it all.


Here`s what I`ve been reading this week, and the week before my break. Enjoy!


40 Days In A Monastery: I`m Going To Become A Farmer, Jaeson Ma

Just Breathe by Annie Downs

Warm Toasted Marshmallow S'more Bars

I Fear A Cage by Alyssa Chua

If Your Heart`s Breaking Just A Bit by Ann Voskamp

Why We Are Afraid To Quit by Bonnie Gray

On Material Things by Jessica Turner



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tumblrphotographyxox on Tumblr.

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