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My Weekly Reading Link List


This had been a very hectic week for me. I had a lot of video editing projects lined up, a couple of speaking engagements and other commitments to fulfill, so I feel a little stressed and pressured to fit everything I`ve got to in do in such a short time.


Yesterday, I got a little spare time to spend for myself so I picked out a few articles to read. Some made me laugh, some were a little bit tough, others are just enough to inspire me to blog and never stop writing. So here are they. Hope you`ll have a great time reading them too.. ;)


1. Tuesday Tips for Writers: Why You Should Still Blog, OMF Lit Blog

2. 8 Writing Tips from CS Lewis, OMF Lit Blog

3. Excerpts from the book Captivating by Stasi Eldredge

4. The Meaning of Love by John Thomas, Boundless

5. How Soon is Too Soon? by Candice Walters, Boundless

6. Elisabeth Elliot Quotes

7. Lovestruck: Love Mo Siya, Sure Ka Ba?  (Lovestruck: You Love Him, Are You Sure?), Ronald Molmisa, OMF Literature. Read sample chapter here.

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