Videos of The Week 1.30

5:41 PM

I should have done this a long time ago. Being my dad`s sidekick, I must`ve gotten my love for beautiful sermon illustrations from him, so I get to watch a lot of videos. And all the time, I get to come across really fascinating, heartbreaking, or inspiring videos. This time, I`m gonna share all of them with you.


So here are they.


Have you seen this American Idol episode? I have no time to watch the show actually, but I found this spreading on my friends` Facebook walls…and this is sooo touching! Makes me cry!


American Idol: Chris Medina and Girlfriend with Brain Damage
  Isn`t that what love is really all about?


And of course, for my media friends out there, you should see how Mars Hill made this cool preaching intro for church! {via Collide Blog}


LUKE'S GOSPEL 2011 INTRO from Andy Maier on Vimeo.



MAKING OF: LUKE'S GOSPEL 2011 INTRO from Andy Maier on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Cathy,

    Very heart touching video and great singer is Chris Medina , a nice down to earth.

    thanks for sharing

    take care.



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