10 Recipes To Try On 2011

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This year, why not try to become more adventurous in your kitchen and try unconventional recipes that would surprise your friends, family, and guests.


From white chocolate soup, Greek cheesy grilled seafood, to Asian Pan Noodles and Narnia’s Turkish Delight, make this year a year to remember.


1. White Chocolate Soup by Trish Desein                  {via Design Sponge}

White cholocate soup with Passion fruit and coconut juice. Sounds yummy, isn`t it? Worth trying out, definitely!


                                                              Click here for the recipe.


2. Kare-Kare

Kare-Kare is a peanut-based stew from the Philippines made with vegetables, beef and beef tripe. If you don`t eat beef tripe, you can omit it. For vegetarians, you can omit the tripe and the beef, and it would taste just as good. The unique thing about Kare-kare is that it is not salted and it is served with fermented shrimp paste called bagoong (available in Philippine grocery stores) to season it.


                                                                Click here for the recipe.


3. Grilled Stuffed Squid with Feta Cheese

This grilled squid recipe is an original Greek recipe that uses oregano, garlic, and olive oil for marinade, and the squid is stuffed with feta cheese before being grilled until slightly crisp. Perfect for summer backyard gatherings and beach parties. But I can’t wait to try this one out right now!grilled-calamari-feta

                                                                    Click here for the recipe.


4. Narnia’s Turkish Delight

Ever wondered how the Turkish Delight featured in C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” tastes like?


The Turkish Delight shown in the movie is placed in a cup and looks like ice cream—if I remember it right. I’ve found a recipe that is supposed to go along with the real Turkish Delight (which is a candy) but would be very much similar to the one on the movie.


Click here for the recipe.


14273The real Turkish delight, which was invented in the 1700’s,is a candy made with sugar, icing, lemon juice, and rose water.


                *Click here for the recipe.


It’s all up to you to try the candy or the light and airy dessert that goes with it. Better try it together! Sure, both would be sweet-smelling and yummy because of rose water and cream.


5. Royal Palace TteokBokkI

Originally served to Korean Kings and Queens, this recipe will surely make you feel you’re like one of them!


Click here for the recipe.



6.Lemon Curd and Buttermilk Panna Cotta Cake   via {Design Sponge}

Looking for something Sleeping Beauty would probably eat?

This lovely cake is made with lemon curd, merigue stickes, lemon and almond sponge cake and buttermilk panna cotta that when assembled, looks lovely like this. Perfect for fairytale tea parties!




Click here for the recipe.


7. Wild Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna

Unlike the regular cheesy, meaty lasagna, this recipe is made of chanterelles, oyster, and shiitake mushrooms and lots of fresh spinach and romano cheese. Healthy option for lasagna lovers!


Click here for the recipe.


8. Roasted Fall Vegetable and Ricotta Pizza



This pizza recipe uses roasted fall vegetables. But even if it’s not fall, you can substitute the available vegetables during the season which make this flexible any time of the year.


Click here for the recipe.







9. Lunar New Year Soup

This soup recipe is the one Koreans cook during their New Year celebration. It is made of beef, seaweed and rice cakes and topped with eggs.


                                                                 Click here for the recipe

10. Japanese Pan Noodles

Described as “satisfying and hearty, caramelized Japanese udon noodles in a sweet and spicy soy sauce.” in Noodle and Company’s Japanese Pan Noodles, this recipe remake will surely be a good starter for day. Delightful, healthy and very easy to do.


Click here for the recipe.


I hope you’d try making some of these sometime during the year!

Anyway, here’s another dessert recipe that you would surely love! Have a great year cooking!


254_ Frozen Berry Pudding

This frozen berry pudding made with three kids of berries and cream is very easy to do and would surely delight your guests! All you’ve got to do is beat and freeze!


Can’t wait till summer arrives!


                    Click here for the recipe.

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  4. @Vivek Chamoli Thanks, Vivek. I'll post more articles about food in the future. Thank you. :)

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