New Twitter Look!

3:06 PM

It`s 2011 and I thought of getting some changes! I decided customize my Twitter design a bit so that it goes along with Periwinkle Confessions.



So, what do you think?


But as much as I love tweeting these days, I realized the need to always check my heart even in the way and purpose of why I am using social media.


I`ve found some great reminders which struck me!


7 Deadly Sins Of Twitter


I`m afraid that this generation is becoming narcissistic, with children growing up knowing how to draw people`s attention to themselves. On Facebook, for example, the competition to get the most “likes”, to get more noticed is unspoken but is an obvious reality. And I`m afraid the younger generation, and even us, would get so absorbed with this, that we would get so familiar and not be able to point out what`s going on, how things are going wrong and not be able to set the limitations.


Sometimes I also find myself caught up in the hype and I really have to stop and go back to the foot of the cross and remind myself that Jesus is the only Hero, He is the Star; and drawing attention to myself instead of drawing people to Him is so, so pointless. It`s crazy!


Please  leave a comment about  what you think. Do you also find yourself a little consumed and self-absorbed not just with Twitter but will all other forms of Social Media like Facebook? Do you think social media can affect an entire generation?


God bless you, guys!

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