Sweet List: DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier Tutorial

3:19 AM



The other day, I saw this lovely DIY Chandelier Tutorial on Hey Gorgeous using paint swatches. I can’t wait to try it out and use it to decorate my room! So pretty---and easy!

I love Hey Gorgeous for Rhi’s pretty and easy DIY craft tutorials like the

Tissue Covered Luminaries and Ribbon Wands pictured below. The luminaries would really look good in our new home and my Mom would definitely love it!


I hope one day I can make pretty tutorials like this to post up on the blog.


Anyway, here are the links for you to check out if you are inspired and feeling craft-y.


Have a great day!




1. Paint Swatch Chandelier

2. Tissue Covered Luminaries and

3. Ribbon Wands.


Spring in October: Even When Things Don’t Happen Your Way

8:19 AM

Ay, my dear friends! It has been a very busy month. My September and October have been full-packed and I sleep like l live in the west. I  sleep when it’s bedtime in NY and early morning in MNL. {So if my friends in NY are wondering why I’m always available on chat, yeah, the reason is work.}



But, I am extremely happy and joyful for what God has been doing the past few weeks.


I wrote in a previous post that that September for me this year was a season of beginnings. Not only because September is my birthday month but because God brought me to a different place other than what I’ve planned.  And it was really like riding a plane to a destination of your choice but God brings you somewhere else. He makes the plane land in a different airport.




At first I was so scared and my heart raced because I didn’t know where God was leading me or why was He denying me the things I badly wished and hoped for. It’s hard when you were planning this and you were working hard for that but it just wouldn’t work out. And there were times I wondered if God really cared about my heart and if the desires of my heart mattered to Him. I was really hurt and broken and didn’t know where to go.


But ultimately, it’s for the greater good.  He just knows where you’re supposed to be, where you would grow and where you love Him more…where you would shine His light the brightest. And isn’t that our ultimate goal? Isn’t that what we live for? To give glory to One who made us?



And now I see His hands moving, taking me to places I never thought I would go... and it just blows me away. I told a friend  that  sometimes, when God moves, you get so surprised and you can’t say anything. You just stand in awe and you can’t believe He’s giving you things you never even dared to ask for.  He gives you far greater things than your heart and mind can hope for.


And I know He’s just beginning.




And I know He he also has great plans for you,too,  my friend! You just have to believe and hold TIGHT to what He has told you. God has so many good thoughts for us. We just have to trust Him. We just have to trust that He loves us and desires nothing that would harm harm us. He wants to give us the best.


This is one of my favorite quotes from Elisabeth Elliot and  this totally makes sense to me today.


God never witholds from His child that which His love and wisdom call good. God’s refusals are always merciful — “severe mercies” at times but mercies all the same. God never denies us our hearts desire except to give us something better.” — Elisabeth Elliot



So It’s spring in my heart… spring in October. Spring even though it’s fall. Because my God is the God new beginnings. And He gives beginnings regardless of season—even in summer, winter or fall. And because His love is enough. More than enough reason to keep me smiling, and happy, and joyful! I know my God is great and He has great things in store for me.


I’m ending with a quote from a friend, from his status on Facebook this morning after his plane landed in San Diego, very much far away from his destination.


I hope you get inspired to and keep on believing that no matter where we are, no matter our circumstance, God makes sense of it all. His love is enough reason to keep trusting that even though we are where we are right now, He will bring us to places greater that we have imagined before.


Have a great day!


I won't find myself and my happiness at my next destination; for it is right here in this moment, of existence: just to be a child of God.

At a deserted airport waiting for a bus. Perfect. –Jonathan Otto


Photo source

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interior design

Poppy Felt Pillows

8:28 AM


My sisters and I are excited talking about interior design (Got some good news to share with you before the year ends) and we’ve been talking about what colors to pick… Both of them already have detailed ideas in their minds, while I’m still working with my imagination…and I still need to research .

And I saw these cute, colorful coral and bright yellow pillows on

Jilly Bean Things today. I love textured pieces and colors that instantly brighten up my mood. Seeing pretty colors on a seemingly bad day cheers never fails to cheer me up. Do you like bright colors as well?


Thank you, Lord for colors!

Everyday Life

Nothing Can Stop You From Singing

4:41 PM

This afternoon, I heard a familiar song playing on the radio. I was excited because it has been over a year since I heard that playing in the local Christian radio station. It was one of my favorite songs during my early college days and it really brought back pretty memories, not only because the song was good, but because the singer who sang it really inspired me as young lady.

I was  on the bathroom when my sister Ava called me saying “Ate, Kuya Matt is on the radio!”. And I was much excited to listen as much as she did. Hearing Matt sing again was really a pretty thing (and a nice surprise for my boring day today. lol). I smile because hearing him hitting those notes makes me think he is still alive today.

*Ate means older sister and Kuya is older brother in Filipino.


But he is still alive today! He is alive and well today!


I looked up to Matt because of his big dreams and for his courage to pursue them. And I really wondered why God took him at 26, of lung cancer. If he was able to fulfill his dreams, more people would be inspired.

But I realized God did more for him that just fulfill his dreams. If Matt is singing now in His presence, wouldn’t that be the greatest honor for singer?  And I, who looked up to Matt, who’s listening to his song today, who knows his story… I am inspired too, not just to fulfill my earthly dreams, but to look forward to what’s ahead and to trust that whatever God allows to come into my life is His good and perfect and will.
God gives us better things than what we can think of.


So when your dreams don’t happen the way you planned it…

When you wonder why God wants to bring you to another place you really didn’t planned to go…

When you look at the broken pieces and you don’t know how to put them all together again…

When you can’t find a reason to sing…

Just remember that in Him… for those who love Him… He makes all things work together for good. He has greater plans and wants to bring you to greater places…all because He loves you. You are His child and He wants the best for you.

And nothing can stop you from singing—because God gives you every reason to sing.

I'm thanking you, God, from a full heart,
I'm writing the book on your wonders. 
I'm whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy;
      I'm singing your song, High God.
Psalms 9:1-2
Good day!

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Dreamy Lavender Wedding

6:49 AM

I found this pretty wedding inspiration on Style Me Pretty {and no I’m not getting married. lol}. But I think this how my dream wedding looks like. Simple. Rustic. Flowery. And Dreamy.



I really love the lavender farm setting and the lady painting on the field. Very peaceful,  quiet and lovely. And the honey jars—sweet!


But I wonder if there are lavender farms in the Philippines? lol




{All Images from Style Me Pretty.}





{Decors and design by Dreamy Whites.}











{Photography by by KT Merry }


Gift Ideas

Little Origami Pins

2:37 AM



Found these little origami pins and colorful necklaces tonight on

The Little Dröm Store and I was reminded of my grade school days.

So cute!


I remember in primary school, part of my school uniform was this

bronze pin with the school logo and my Mom would give me other cute pins as well so I could enjoy dressing up in the morning.


If only I’m still in grade school today. Lovely!

Everyday Life

Good Morning, Sweet World!

8:15 AM

I got my laptop last night and it’s working—even better than before! Yey! So excited to be back writing after a long month.

I actually haven’t slept yet and I’m just about to sleep. Still got a long day ahead because of design projects I need to rush. (Designs have been delayed for a couple of weeks since the computer crashed), but I’m so excited and happy. Better late than never, eh?

Anyway, I want to share what I was reading on Incourage earlier this morning. I came across Heather’s post which made me laugh and brightened up my day. Didn’t we all make funny blunders when we were younger? *wink*

I never got to call my prof “Hey, good-looking” by mistake, but I made a lot of hilarious, even crazier blunders back in high school (and I wish my high school bestfriends don’t get to read this and list them all down). But I do remember most of them (the crazy things I did) once in a while, and I just want to get swallowed by the ground everytime.




But the thing is, like what Heather was saying, is that we have grown and we’ve become mature today. I look back on who I was when I was 13 and 16 and 18 and I want to shrink and bury my head in my pillow. But these things—they’re all proof of God’s mercy and faithfulness—and His power to change. We’re a different person many years ago—and now, we’re becoming more and more like Him. That’s worth rejoicing and celebrating today.

And we, who with unveiled faces

all reflect the Lord's glory,

are being transformed into his likeness

with ever-increasing glory,

which comes from the Lord,

who is the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:18


Have you also made funny mistakes back then? Winking smile lol


Have a great day ahead!

P.S. You can now get updates of the blog right on your Facebook news feed! It’s really simple and easy. Just go to Periwinkle Confessions’ Facebook page and click like. It has actually been working since the FB like page on the sidebar got updated but didn’t get the chance to tell you right away. Anyway, I hope to see you guys on Facebook too! ;)



Much love!


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1000 Gifts

Seeds of Love and Your Grateful Absentee Blogger:1000 Gifts

9:20 AM

It’s been a very long time since the last time I got to post something up on the blog. Oh, if regrets can only be seen and measured… 
My computer is still being repaired  today and I’m still using my Dad’s old netbook. Thankful because I found a way to get the keyboard working--- so I am posting today! Yey!

I really missed all of you! How are you doing?

The whole time I was away, I realized so many things  about life, about friendship. September has been a season of plowing in my heart. And it’s great to have the soil soft, ready for planting seeds again. {Seeds of love grow best on good soil and only God can work on it like a farmer to make it ‘good’ and ready for planting.  He pulls out the weeds so seeds of love and forgiveness can grow, and plows to make the heart softer .} And it’s easier to love again—although it's not easy when your heart is being plowed! Ouch! lol

Jesus’ birthday gift for me is  a plowing season for the soil of my heart, so I could learn to love a little deeper than before. And I am soooo grateful.
How has it been for you last month?
No matter our circumstance, God always proves Himself faithful.

All things work together for good to those who love the Lord.
Romans 8:28

BTW, my promised blog post took a long time in coming but it’s coming up this week! Thanks for sticking around!

188. Thank you Lord for opportunity to reconnect with all friends! I missed them badly! And I thank you that even though we haven't seen each other in years, nothing has changed.

189. For my old officemates whom I badly miss as well. Seeing them last week was fab!

190. For new friends I met through this blog. I can't wait to meet them in person!
191. For friends in church who are ever so cute and charming! ;) They make me look forward to the future with joy!
192. For giving us friends so we don't have to be alone.
193. Jesus, for being my best friend ever!

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