Sweet List: DIY Paint Swatch Chandelier Tutorial

3:19 AM



The other day, I saw this lovely DIY Chandelier Tutorial on Hey Gorgeous using paint swatches. I can’t wait to try it out and use it to decorate my room! So pretty---and easy!

I love Hey Gorgeous for Rhi’s pretty and easy DIY craft tutorials like the

Tissue Covered Luminaries and Ribbon Wands pictured below. The luminaries would really look good in our new home and my Mom would definitely love it!


I hope one day I can make pretty tutorials like this to post up on the blog.


Anyway, here are the links for you to check out if you are inspired and feeling craft-y.


Have a great day!




1. Paint Swatch Chandelier

2. Tissue Covered Luminaries and

3. Ribbon Wands.

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