Why Writers Need Their Own Solitary Moment

3:05 AM

Writing is a solitary act

I`m currently writing a movie script. Last night, I was on the part where the female protagonist writes a goodbye letter to the guy she loves. I was multi-tasking at that time, writing and speaking with Mama (which was really hard to do, cause I was writing a tearful letter and Mama was telling amusing stories). And yeah, I must say that a writer`s job is not an easy task, although I sometimes don`t notice the hard part `cause I really enjoy what I`m doing.

Many times, writers have to be alone. It`s true that writing is a solitary act  because it requires a writer to know himself deeply for him to be able to write with heart. Writers are very reflective and meditative. And you must believe me when I tell you that writers can also be good actors, esp. those who write for novels and film scripts because they often have to act out the lines of the characters  in their own solitary moment. I know because I always do that. haha

And that`s the reason why I had a challenging and funny time while multi-tasking last night. Mama looked at me and asked “Bakit ka gumaganyan? Anung nangyayari sa`yo?” She was referring to my eyes because they`re getting chinky and I was like crying and I was speaking alone…but the truth is I was writing a tearful letter and was reading the lines to myself to check if it was natural and all that. My mom must`ve thought I was  going nuts. :p

Perhaps, that`d also be another reason for a writer to be in solitude when writing—so that people won`t think you`re out of your mind when you`re reading  and acting lines aloud. ;)

If I would rewrite the quote above, it would go like this:

Writing is a solitary act. Writers` jobs are to sit in front of our computers late at night and struggle to tell a story when no one`s in there. This has to be a quiet, insular task, so people won`t think we didn`t come from this planet.

So if you`re sharing a house with a film writer, could be a friend or a sister or brother, why don`t you try to peep through their rooms late at night when they`re writing and you`ll be surprised to find there is an actor in there. ;)

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