365 Days of Love: Saying Yes to the Challenge

11:52 PM

2899435536_ddd2ce9637_bToday, I`m embarking on year-long journey of love. Thanks to Jaeson Ma`s 365 Days of Love, I was inspired to do something out of love every single day for one year to show God`s love and to learn how to love others myself. 


I know it will be a breathtaking journey because I know that God will be faithful and He will provide opportunities for me to be able to share His love everyday. And I`m also excited `cause I know that God will enable me to meet people and to experience different facets of love in my journey.


Honestly, I`m a little bit afraid to start this because 365 days is 365 days! The truth is, I really don`t know how to love. Love is putting others above yourself and I still have a long way to go to be able to fully understand that. So you guess, for me to find ways show love every single day in one year could be quite hard.


Or will it be? 


Maybe I would just have to look around and notice whom I need to show love to. Perhaps, I`ve been missing a lot and I haven`t shown love to people who are actually closest to me. And maybe extending a hand and doing something for others—whether random or intended--will enable to me expand bigger rooms in my heart, which will also enable me to love more in the future. What do you think?

I`ll be posting be posting regularly on my blog about my 365 Days of Love challenge. www.periwinkleconfessions.blogspot.com1040POSTER5

You can also visit Jaeson Ma`s website to know more about the 365 Days of Love and better yet, watch Jaeson Ma and Vaness Wu`s 1040 Movie with me and the girls! It`s on August 23. Just PM me, okay? ;)

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