365 Days of Love: Show Love This Summer

8:59 PM


It has been…uhm… {counting with my fingers… one, two, thee…} 7 months since I stopped doing the 365 Days of Love challenge! Whew! If only I have had enough courage and persistence, I would have been already close to finish all 365 days!


It was August last year when I decided to “embark on a journey of love” borrowing from Jaeson Ma`s famous 365 Days of Love blog posts.



The purpose ~ To not just talk about love, but be about love

The goal ~ To live a life of love that will hopefully inspire others to love the same



Oh, the truth is, I stopped only after a week! Not that blogging about it was too much of a hard thing, but the commitment to show a random act of kindness everyday was really as test of commitment and hardwork…and it really meant a great deal of polishing in my heart.


Putting others above yourself every single day… To get past yourself and focus on the needs of others. Beautiful to hear. Hard to do. Isn`t it?


But what`s really amazing about this is that from little things to the most impossible… God will be there to enable us. He did that for me. {Click here to read about my journey}



All we really need to do is to take the initiative. It`s a bit like tennis. You hit the ball and God helps you with the follow-through. He really wouldn`t leave you alone. But he would be there to strengthen and empower you. He will open your heart to love and love more.


So I`m getting on with this again…this summer! And I am determined to get past the first few days which are the hardest! Praying the God will strengthen, enable, and open my heart to love and never stop showing love.


I hope you would join me in this journey and that you too will be encouraged to start your own!


Let`s live a life of love! Smile

Photos from tumblrphotographie

and turtiinandme.

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