My Weekly Reading List 4.1

10:43 PM

Blogs, Babies and Cheesecake by Anna

How We Doin` On Bible Reading? by Molly Piper

Japan: The Wind Blows Where It Wills by Noel Piper

Chicken and Vegetable Bokk Eum Bap by Aeri Lee

Rare Cherry Blossom Diagram by Paper Kawaii

My Zoolander Baby by Molly Piper


Zoolander baby

This week`s list is really like a mommy`s list! Winking smile I`m reading about crafts, and recipes, and babies! haha


Actually, I think I know now why Mommy bloggers blog so well… They always have new things coming up everyday and their lives are filled with joy and stories only mommies have access to.


Just look at this photo from Molly Piper`s blog. Isn`t it funny to have a couple of babies…laughing around your house, posing like pro models in front of the camera? {Look at those expressions! Squishy!}


When you come to think of it, all of us are blessed with unique stories. Everyone has something to tell. I guess, the best writers or bloggers are those who did so well in taking notice of these little things and framing them so others could see what joys God is bringing to their lives.


I`m so inspired!

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  1. Hi Cathy. I'm always excited about the new reading lists that you post. You really got time for it and the books are really interesting. Keep it up!

  2. @jennyThank you, Jenny! I would love to post more reading lists in the future!Thanks for the encouragement! Glad it is useful to you in some way! Blessings!



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