Jesus, You Make Me Smile

2:11 AM

It feels good to back writing! I`ve really been so excited to blog and actually made several drafts  ready but somehow, the sleepiness always crept  in and I don`t feel quite confident posting everything I write when I`m sleepy. Weird thoughts always come out of my sleepy mind and I’m afraid I might sound really, really funny and strange enough to scare you guys away. ;)




Well, the reason for my lack of post the past week was because we've been entertaining special guests in church… Ptr. Elmer Fujiwara and her wife Tita Amy from our church in Kita-Matsudo, Chiba-ken, Japan. I’ve really been having a good a time… A full week of happiness! You know how I love random things and for some reason, this week had been full of random, happy moments. I love it when things just happen. I love it when ordinary, unplanned days turn into something beautiful and memorable. These memories are the ones that stay in my heart, those which I hardly ever forget.




Friday night was one of the best :Walking along the beach at midnight, dining in a Japanese seafood restaurant at 2am, Starbucks before sunrise, jogging at the park early in the morning and then it suddenly rains… We even spent prayer time in candlelight because the breaker in our building had to be fixed and we’ve got no electricity.tumblr_lghr15VKQC1qebcazo1_500


And yesterday, Kuya Uriel came unannounced and it’s really a very nice surprise. The church service was like a reunion of good old friends from Japan and that is really very sweet. Plus, we’ve got new friends coming and joining the youth group.


How can life get anymore awesome than this? ;)


Just thinking about all the macha chocolate and choco-filled strawberry daifuku I ate, I couldn’t help but thank God for being a sweet  and thoughtful God. And now He has given me friends older than me, who really cares and loves me {Tita Amy had just kissed me in the head and I feel so loved!haha }. God has really been filling my heart with joy and giving me reasons to put that smile on my face. When I come to think of it, I feel unworthy of everything knowing that I sometimes doubt His goodness when the troubles of life come. 



Sometimes, when things get tough, when prayers are taking some time to be answered, we  think that God doesn’t care about our hearts, our desires, the things that make us happy…


But He does.


I found out He really does.


He knows that a simple trip to the beach can make your heart leap for joy. He knows that a phone call from someone you love brightens up your day. He knows your dreams, your hopes, your faith. He knows the desires that you have been keeping in your heart and He doesn’t take them lightly nor does He ignore them. Just exactly when you need it or when He thinks you need a sweet surprise… Jesus just gives it to you.

We just have to wait and trust that He is good and He cares for us.


Jesus just knows exactly how to make you {and me} smile!




Photos via Tumblr, WeHeartIt, and Memories In Breeze on Tumblr.

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