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7:20 PM


Outside my window.....

It`s starting to get dark. Daylight lasts a bit longer now that it`s summer. Mom`s bougainvilleas still have baby sprouts. I wonder if it`ll take them till May to bloom. But I love the sun and how bright it is outside.


I am thinking.....

Of how faithful God is. Flowers are blooming in my heart.


I am thankful for.....

A delightful opportunity to cook for my cousins. The guys were here at home just a while ago. We`ve been planning for the Grand Family Reunion on monday.



From the kitchen.....

We finished everything already! What remains is a fridge full of chicken waiting to be cooked…and a lot of coffee.


I am wearing.....

A dotted-blue mini-skirt, black hooded tee and my favorite hotel room slippers! I feel like the girls in Korean movies.

I am going....

to write for the Faith Barista Jam today.



I am hearing....

plates from the kitchen. My sister Ava is washing a lot of `em!


Around the house.....

Mom has fallen asleep on the sofa. Guitar and Ava`s chord charts still on the couch. Snacks still everywhere. The dogs, I think, are asleep. ;)


I am reading.....

A sample chapter of Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. I`ve really been wanting to read that but they`re always sold out on bookstores every time. Makes me cry! And Korean lessons.

I am hoping.....

to have an awesome time at the reunion next week. I wish everyone will be able to come. This is our first grand reunion ever. To see more flowers bloom. To have many day trips and enjoy summer outdoors. To have ice cream over the weekend!


Quote I like today:

“How many of us get kicked out of pulpits, street corners or church meetings for our preaching? The cross is offensive, Jesus was a revolutionary, he was either loved or hated.”-Jaeson Ma


Photos I loved today:

jessicaharley cameo9 chiikusho-2 cutesyworld2 kyeongeunchoitumblr2 


Photo credits: Akenisa on Flickr

and via –peachrose on Tumblr.

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