When I Need To Smile Like A Pretty Flower

5:48 AM

I think I`m having too much of a sweet thing this morning. Not in a bad way though (`cause I don`t mean food, but something else.),You`re  like smiling all the way to your ears and your heart feels so full can`t breathe. It`s funny. haha



I told you before that I like colorful words, colorful blogs, colorful bloggers… {whew! colorful bloggers?}…and colorful songs, btw. And I have one favorite that fits well into that category.


When I need to smile, even just in my heart, I would head over to his blog and read any random post. I drop by like a tired, wandering adventurer… and come out refreshed like a happy, pretty flower. hehe My analogy`s weird but seriously, when creativity somehow eludes me, this far away friend inspires me. I feel like I see a part of me in him and how he writes.


I dream of one day writing as colorful as he does.


And I love, love, love his song I`m posting below.


Here`s if you want to read what I just read from Favorite`s colorful blog.


Don`t you feel thankful that God can use everything He can to cheer you up when you`re donw?

I do.


Good morning!


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