25 Things To Do This Summer

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It`s summer vacation here in the Philippines! I`m sure, a lot of kids are bored, staring at their computers at home, wishing there`s something to do with the plenty of time they`ve got. After all, they`ve been badly wishing for summer the whole-year round so we must help them find something to do!


Honestly, I`ve been pretty bored myself since Monday, after a week-long unexpected vacation. The moment my pastor friends stepped into the plane back to Narita…ah, I feel like summer has become a reason to cry. Ever felt like crying yourself to sleep in a sunny, lonely summer afternoon? Aaargh! I don`t even want to think about it! ;)

{I think the loneliness really comes right after a fantastic week at the beach. Hang-over. }


Via Chloefranch on Tumblr


Since most of us can`t fly to Paris for summer break or afford a two-month vacation by the beach, let`s make a list of things to do for summer so we could all avoid these lonely summer afternoons everyone of us dreads!


Please don`t hesitate to leave a comment if you`re thinking of  more things to do! Let`s share ideas on how to spend our days happily under the sun! ;)


P.S. I intentionally didn`t write down Facebook, Twitter, or Wii. Let`s go outdoors, bask in the sun and get our hands dirty! ;)


tumblr_lj08litk4m1qgsvvao1_5001. Stargazing. Summer is the best time to go stargazing because the sky is clear and it isn`t too cold at night. (Oops! This isn`t an afternoon thing—but lovely still! haha)


2. Play Waterbomb With Your Friends. You can do this on your backyard, on the park or on the street {Be careful with cars, please!}!   This is what summer is all about!


yeheyunicorn on Tumblr

3.Camp Out In The Backyard.

4.Take Day Trips. Summer trips don`t have to be long all the time!

5. Join A Youth Camp organized by your local church.

6. Tend A Flower Garden.

7. Chase Butterflies.

8. Bathe The Dogs.

9. Join A Marathon.

10.Shop And Cook.



11. Take Your Camera And Walk.

12. Organize Tea or Breakfast Party with the girls.

13. Teach kids in the slums.

14. Print photos and make an album, scrapbook or photo journal.

15. Photoshoot with friends.

16. Visit a library or museum.

17. Go on an Ukay-ukay{second-hand store} challenge with friends.

18. Visit an Asian Grocery store. I love Korean!

19. Redecorate your room.

20. Make sunny day rules.

22. Get your driver`s license.

23. Visit a pineapple or strawberry farm. Or plant vegetables!

24. Learn an instrument. Sing or play music for lonely people.

25. Get out and think of ways to show love!


I like the last one the best. I think spending summer to make others happy and show love is really the best thing to do. Hmmm… I love that idea! Now, I`m thinking of 25 ways to show love this summer. See you in the next post!


Photos by Jinahs on Tumblr 

Via Chloefranch and Cutesyworld on Tumblr.

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  1. All great ideas! My goal this summer is to get my kids outside playing as much as possible. It's good for them and gets the imagination going so much more than being inside. I plan outside picnics and get my kids fun sunglasses to encourage them to go outside. They have really fun styles here: http://www.sunglasswarehouse.com/kidssunglasses.html Happy Summer!

  2. @Lucy
    Hi Lucy! Thanks for sharing this! I love the glasses! Very cool idea! I would even want them for myself to wear around...haha I love it!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a sweet comment! Blessings!

  3. i love your theme and your twitter widget hehe im visiting you from networked blogs btw. when i read this "Ever felt like crying yourself to sleep in a sunny, lonely summer afternoon?" it made me smile....you're right! i should go out! but it's just too hot! :'(

  4. @davaoena Hi Davaoena! Thank you! ;)Is it really hot there in Davao? We only started to feel the summer heat 2 days ago here in Manila. It`s been really cool..and sometimes cold even at night.

    I`ve also been staying indoors the past summer vacations... It`s really a good idea to go out and play this time! Enjoy your vacation! ;)

  5. For me, putting my feet up and watching a wondering movie with a glass of wine. My best way of relaxing.



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