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1000 Gifts copy

The first quarter of the year had been truly wonderful for me… This season, God had showed me a sweet side of Himself, that He is a really thoughtful God who delights to make us smile and make us happy.


Well, things had not been perfect and easy. My grandma died a few days into the new year, but God had been so faithful. And I`m not just saying that. I really saw His goodness right before my eyes. He has brought families together and restored broken relationships… and it`s really true that even though things can get imperfect or even painful sometimes, God ultimately meant it to happen for something good.


What really amazed me was how God showed me that He is that loving Father who delights to see us smile. When I really didn`t expect it {or maybe when I have already given up on it}, God had been so kind and good and amazing to give the little desires of my heart one by one. Yey!


The ocean waves, the long drives, walking barefoot on grass (the ones I mentioned on a previous post), and all other little things I love… God has been orchestrating things so I could enjoy them to my hearts content. And it's heartwarming because God had been speaking to me through these little things that if He cares to give the tiniest details that make me happy, He is also concerned about the other bigger things that concerns my future. I just have to wait and trust Him.


For a while I thought that God could not be this thoughtful and sweet. I know that He is… but to the extent that He would really do a lot to make this little, struggling, untrusting heart of mine happy… {You wouldn’t believe how many surprises I got just this week!}. I know that this is His way to strengthen my heart and my faith in this season of my life.


Here are photos of some of the best things that has happened the past three months. {These are the ones I easily found over a multitude of photos. Honestly, I wish I had taken more. But the thing is, I only take too much photos when I’m bored. So that means, I’m really enjoying. Anyway, I’ll add more to this post when I find everything.}


How about you? What has He been doing in your life? Showing you? Or teaching you?


{A few weeks ago. Went out for coffee at 4am My pastor Dad, Mom, Ptr. Elmer and (his wife) Tita Amy Fujiwara. 137.}


{Last January, with cousin Dane… A few days after grandma died. 138.}


{Feb was our church’s anniversary.

(From left to right) Carlo and Viola, Ate Jeniffer and her baby Yogur. 140.}



{The youth group I love the most! 141.}

Youth 1000 gifts copy


{My cousin Andrew was born a few days before our grandma died. His older brother Euri was born a few days before grandpa died in 2005. It’s nice to think that sometimes, someone goes but God offers new life. 142.}

new life

{March. We helped our friends (who are abroad) to surprise her mom on her birthday. It was my first time to organize a thing such as that. I love doing it. I love my friends and their mom. I love making people happy. 143.}


{Because I love to blog and I got my first invite as a blogger.

These are Jay and Adz of Think Like A Beginner..

and of course, my Ava dear (my sweet sis!) Awesome! 144.}

blog the beat



life copy


{A week ago! I’ll tell you why it changed my life in another post. 146.}

prayer congress


And truly, we just have to patiently wait on the Lord for His answer to our prayers. I still am waiting for a lot of things, but I my heart can rest knowing that He honors the desires of my heart.


Right now, I even have more than what I am asking for.


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