Weekly Reading List 7.1

9:52 AM


This post from Kuya Kevin really cracked me up this morning.

Filipinos really do have gestures unique to our culture. Like raising both eyebrows to mean yes or to say “Hi” (the one Kuya Kevin wrote about) and the lip-pouting to show direction (which his reader commented about).


I laughed so hard imagining foreign guys who have learned Philippine culture so well pouting their lips to point direction.  Their friends and family might get a huge shock!


And yeah, Filipinos really do pout soooo often esp. when saying “doon” or “over there”. The lips really do follow the direction we`re pointing to.


I think it`s quite cute.  But so funny to think of guys unconsciously doing it in front of westerners. Hilarious!


Here are the links! Everything on the list this week is my favorite!


Filipino Gestures by Kuya Kevin

What Finding Yourself Really Means by Holly Gerth

How Ordinary You Holds Extra Value by Bonnie Gray

Dear Body by Laura Parker

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  1. lol that is very funny!





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