A Simple Woman`s Daybook {A Day in July}

5:20 PM




Outside my window

There`s this little stall selling snacks in front of our house. The street looks really still and quiet because it just stopped raining. Even the leaves are not moving. But people are lining up in that little stall. I find it cute.


I am thinking...
of hurrying up to go back working on the design project due this week. Feeling a bit pressured because of the client`s wishes. Client likes the designs so far but asked me to do a tough detail revision of her hang tags.

I am thankful... 
For rest and time to relax.


In the kitchen...
is Turon. For my non-Filipino readers, it`s a Filipino afternoon snack made with saba bananas (cooking bananas) sliced into thin lengthwise pieces, rolled in sugar, and wrapped in spring roll wrappers. The bananas are rolled again in brown sugar and deep fried. I love the crisp wrapper and melted brown sugar covering it!

I am wearing...
A shirt that has a big black print that reads Funky at the front and Girl at the back. This used to be Viola`s. I don`t know where she got this. I just put Ava`s tiara down.

I am creating...
Flyers and stationery and hang tags. {I`m thinking of giving design freebies here on the blog once in a while…}



I am going...

to take a short nap if time permits me today.


I am wondering...

when will I receive the scholarship results in my email.


I am reading...

The Book of Joshua. I am amazed at what I`ve been learning so far.


I am hoping...

to start a business with my sisters in the near future. We haven`t agreed on anything yet. I was thinking of designing. Or starting a gift shop (it`s my dream). Ava said it would be wise to start a food business.



I am looking forward to... 
going back to the bank and getting my new card. I broke my card last time.


I am hearing...

Piano on TV. Lovely piece from a Korean drama.


Around the house...

Mama is watching TV. Ava is watching TV on another room. They just had lunch. I`m waiting for my food to cool down though.



One of my favorite things...

Free party printables! I love those beautiful paper cup designs! I might start a paper cup designing business someday!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Get a new pair of flats, go to the dentist, get a basket of produce from the supermarket and make a salad, do my laundry, and finish writing my 100 Before 100 List!


Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


Do you think I still smile the same? haha

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  1. You have a lovely talent and design may be in your future. You can always design and do other things too. The right food might be a good business also as people always love to eat.
    Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog post.

  2. @A Joyful Noise Thank you so much!!! You`re so sweet! I love reading your blog--from a woman who`s grown strong in the Lord! It`s really great meeting you. ;)

  3. Wow, this post really describes your entire day (and more)! Turon sounds really good. I don't think we can get anything like that here. Perhaps the closest we can get are banana fritters and that's about it. Hope and pray that you'll receive your scholarship results soon (and that it'll be positive, too)! :)

  4. Hi Cathy,

    I looked at your pictures, you're pretty pala. Cute mo din when you were young. :)

    AS usual, I enjoyed your post. You write so well and so clear and your blog is a refreshing break from all the beauty and fashion blogs that I normally frequent. Keep blogging! I'll keep reading. God Bless. :)

  5. @janwong Hi Jan! Thank you for the prayers! ;) I`m encouraged!

    Banana fritters are good! We`ve also got a Philippine version of that. If you happen to visit Manila someday, you must try them both! Really sweet treats!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  6. @jenny Thank you so much for the encouraging words, Jenny! And that you for reading! It`s a blessing that this has been a blessing to you.

    Thank you, sweet sister! ;) Love, love!



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