Pinks and Sunshine Sweets

2:34 AM


Have you seen my recent post about yummy-looking soaps? I`m seeing them everywhere on the web these days and I still can`t help but be amazed. Those pear-shaped bath fizzies are so yummy and sweet-looking. I hope someone would make those kinds of stuff here in the PI. I was thinking of starting a soap business for a year now, but it would really take a lot of study to be able to that, wouldn`t it?

Anyway, that ice cream dispenser above isn`t from Etsy, but isn`t it so cute and helpful for parties? And that Night Owl baby hat. Cutie!

I really intended on making an image map but after many hours, it just wouldn`t work! (sigh) Could it be because I`m using Blogger Draft and the platform is on a testing period? IDK. But I`m so sad. But then, I couldn`t give up now after the geometry I had to patiently endure. An image map will be up on the blog soon! haha


Have a great day!

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