My Sister`s Tiara

2:55 PM


I`m wearing Ava`s tiara around the house today. Actually…{Oh, this is embarrassing} I`ve tried it on a few times since she brought home the crown last week. The girl left her crown on a shelf above the computer and it looks so pretty to just lie there. So I pick it up to wear it for a while, and take a little peek at the mirror. haha Excuses!


Seriously, you should get your Mom a tiara and let her wear it while doing her chores. I don`t know but it just works reminding a lady that she is a princess {a valuable daughter of the King} even while doing mundane house chores. I feel like one today. Winking smile {I was about to take it off when my Mom saw me and told me not to. So, I wore it while doing my chores, over lunch, and even until now. It`s funny but it feels so cute! And don`t laugh at me, okay. But I do feel a bit like a princess.}



Have you ever that? When you`re wearing something princess-like, you also act like a princess…When you wear something lady-like, you walk and talk like a lady. When you wear baggy jeans and a huge t-shirt, you sit on the couch and feed on a tub of popcorn like a baseball guy wearing the same baggy jeans and shirt. How we dress sometimes influence the way we act, and talk and walk!


Maybe this could be a short follow up to last week`s topic about dressing up and modesty. When you dress modestly you also begin act modestly. I`ve never seen a lady in a sweet, flowing skirt scream and jump like a guy! Girls naturally act girly when they wear something girly, and act like a guy when they wear something a guy would wear.


But of course, modesty in always affair of the heart. You can choose what you wear but it ultimately is about what goes on inside your heart. Choose to be godly and humble and follow Jesus everyday…


So, are you wearing modesty today? Winking smile

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