When Your Heart Is Broken

7:55 PM


Do you remember last month`s post about telling our hearts to beat again when discouraging, heart-numbing times come? The jumping, cheerleading thing? I really did talk to myself so many times that time and did the cheering every time I would remember the discouragement. I felt that if I would forget His promises and cling on to what He says, I would wallow in despair. lol And God is really faithful. He really didn`t let me forget. And He just held on to me. He really held me close.


Actually, a couple of days before that… I wasn`t feeling so much into cheering my heart to start beating and trusting and holding on. I felt like bursting into tears and just running to Daddy—to our Father in Heaven.

I really didn`t know what to do. I  wondered if he would accept me, with all the tears and the broken heart.


And I was reminded of a very important lesson about His character. About who He is and who am I to Him.


I wrote a post about it. And it`s up on Incourage! Yey! {I`m obviously so excited!} You can read that post  here.



Join me in Incourage today!


If you`re heart is broken or if you just need to be reminded about God`s love and grace… know that God is always… always there. He loves you.


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  1. I loved your post at In(courage) today. Powerful and much-needed words. Thanks. God bless you.

  2. very timely ate cat. thanks for reminding me that God will always be willing to fix the broken pieces :D

  3. @Donna Lynn Grace Hi Donna! Thank you so much! Jesus loves to untie the knots in our lives. I pray that He will come to you and touch your life in ways you have never imagined! I'm grateful to the Lord that He has used this to speak to you.

    Blessings, my Sister!

  4. @camzy
    Camz! Thank you! Yes, He will fix and restore the broken pieces! I love remembering that Jesus loves to do that. Miss you, sis!

  5. @Cathy Canaceli

    i miss you more ate. di na natuloy ang date natin kainis! :P

  6. i miss you more ate. di na natuloy ang ating date :| hahaha :D



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