3 Things This Week

2:52 AM

1. I`m Dreaming of Nutcracker Ballet.

I don`t know how dance, so much more to do ballet, but I`m really dreaming of someday dancing with Nutcracker and being on-stage for Nutcracker. I don`t know how would that happen but a girl can dream. haha I`ve been having funny thoughts like this since I started writing my 100 Before 100 List {100 things I want to do before I turn 100}. I still haven`t finished; still halfway. And this is really one of those fairytale dreams of mine. To dance like a ballerina. haha



2. I`m Studying CSS.

I`m studying the codes {very geeky of me!} and my first try to do an image map is an epic fail! I was really very disappointed after trying to make it work for hours but it just wouldn`t work. It involved some math and geom—I had to take the coordinates of the photos. And I had put in a lot of photos! I`m not so much into numbers so that was really an effort.  I`ll try again and I`ll let you know. Never givin` up!



2. We`re thinking of moving.

I mentioned in my new About Me page that I live in a mountain across the river. Actually, I wish we live in a grassy kind of mountain, one with barns and all, but our little mountain is a part of the city.  It`s very busy and not at all grassy, although much of the tropical trees have been saved.  {It`s one of the major cities of Metro Manila but close to the border of a province}.


We`ve been living in our little place since I was born. And we`re considering to move.


I really am not 100% into the idea. I love our house because it`s where I grew up and a lot of memories had been made there. I really wouldn`t want to let go.


But it`s really impractical to stay where are `cause were 30 minutes away from church, an hour away from university, and almost a couple of hours away from the business district {also because of the heavy MM traffic}. It really takes a lot of gas and cash to travel to and fro from our fresh, green home.


But I`m praying that whatever it is that God wills would just happen. Anyway, wherever He is and wherever my family is is already home.


Sweet Day!



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