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9:29 AM

How have you been doing guys?

The past week has been so much fun and busy in our home. Have I told you before that we’ve opened our house to missionaries and pastors from our home church in Japan? Yup, so every couple of months we’ve got friendly visitors staying with us and every single time we’ve got new lessons and  stories to share.


I’m not gonna say entertaining pastors is easy-peasy (‘Cause you have to be excellent in cooking and cleaning and all that. LOL) but it’s sooooo much fun and there’s so much joy in your heart, it overflows! And the wisdom and the friendship we gain from the loving, caring wise men of God we entertain in our house is priceless! I guess I’ve learned really important lessons of faith and love from little chats with my Dad’s pastor friends and it's really a humbling experience everytime.


I’m also learning so much from my parents during these times of “entertaining”, as they open our home to men of God. I learned that opening your house also means opening your heart. Serving. Following and obeying God. Being Christ-like. It’s our family’s part in serving and I’m humbled and honored to do such thing.

Last Sunday, in church, our guest pastor asked, “What do you have in your house (that you can offer to God)?”. It’s funny to think my parents would say “Oh, our whole house…You can stay in our house”. And I remembered the Shulamite woman who offered Elijah a room and  who offered him something to eat. Open-mouthed smile

Sometimes, I think we don’t live a normal life (LOL), but at the end of the day, the things that you learn and the greater opportunities to love and care and serve are few of the best things a person can have in this life. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to love and serve great men of God. Because when I serve them, I’m also serving Jesus.

How about you? What do you have in your house that you can offer to God? Open-mouthed smile

I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you 
a cup of water in my name 
because you belong to Christ 
will certainly not lose his reward. ~Mark 9:41

Let's continue serving!

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  1. @Richard Ling Thank you, Richard! It's been a while! How have you been doing? :D



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