When You Feel Alone

8:16 AM

I was watching a music video this afternoon to help Viola with her spiel. I really felt like crying. If  Viola wasn`t sitting beside, I would`ve cried so much. But since she was watching with me, I kindda felt shy so the tears all went back up. :p


Sometimes, I`m like the girl on the video. I`m loving God and enjoying my fellowship with him, but I get up from where were sitting to look for other things to satisfy me. And then things fall apart and I get hurt.



Family isn`t always happy and laughing. Even if you wear the most expensive clothes and look your best, deep in your heart you`re still looking for something else. You could go on dating and searching for love, but you yearn for someone to love you deeper. Someone to see beyond how you look or how much you earn. Someone who would love you for who you are. Someone who would love you unconditionally.


You go on trying to make yourself happy. Partying and dancing. Singing, and shopping, and making yourself beautiful. All to cover your hurts. The pain of the past. The broken dreams.


And when you`ve given up, you find him.


He has always been right there. Beside you. He was there when you were partying to cover up your hurts. He was there when you`d been trying to look for love even in the wrong places. He was there when you were trying to be beautiful for other people to like you. He was there when your family was falling for apart.


He has never left you even when you thought of leaving Him.


And you finally realize that He is  the One you are looking for. He is the only One who could satisfy you. The longings in your heart. It`s there because He created you to be loved. He created you to be loved by Him.


So come to Him. He loves you and it hurts Him badly to see you feeling alone. Because you`re never alone.


He`s always been and will always be with you.

“I will never leave nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

Sisterhood: 1,000 Gifts

7:48 PM

Photo Credit: Getty Images This morning, Ava and I went out of the house early to do some errands in the bank and supermarket.


I really thank God for supermarket time. Going to the grocery store every week is something I really look forward to. I love preparing food for my sisters and parents. I love shopping and picking vegetables and think


And all these things are even more fun because I share them with my sisters.


I know I`ve never been a perfect older sister and sometimes, like other siblings, my sisters and I fight over petty things. But I`m so grateful to God for the relationship we have built and shared over the years. Our secrets. Our struggles. I don`t think there is anything anymore that we could hide from each other. And I`ve learned that even if I`m older, I still need the wisdom of my younger sisters. Both Ava and Viola had been my best friend and accountability partners—both inspiring and helping me grow in my walk with the Lord.


Anyway, here`s my thank you list this week. Thankful not only for my sisters and parents but also for my relatives whom I got to see over a niece`s birthday part.


11. For awesome bonding time with Ava this morning at the bank, supermarket, and UK.

12. Heart to heart talk with Viola and Ava last Saturday. We cried together! Haven`t happened in a while. ;)

13. Painting in church is almost done! My first interior design project!

14. Tito Mando…for heading the paint job in church. Very creative and his ideas always blew my mind!

15. Dancers for the opening number next Friday! Never knew we had dancers in the youth group! You always have to open your eyes `cause God is moving.

16. Oktober Praise last Friday. I love seeing Christians coming together to worship.

17. Met friends from Cornerstone in Oktober Praise! I didn`t realize I miss Mon, Kuya Ymer, Philip and the others that much!

18. Mama`s understanding and caring for me and my sisters. She loves us so much!

19. Kuya Joel. He`s a blessing. Invited us again for a meeting of all youth leaders from Novaliches tomorrow night.

20. Kuki`s coming over again to church tomorrow to practice with Ava for acoustic night.

21. Althea`s Dedication. Got to see cousins I`ve never seen in years. Missed them badly.


22. For the things I have in life. I realized I living comfortably after walking the streets close to the river a few minutes from our house.

23. Ara, Ferdie, Jessica and Honey. They`re really like family.

24. Mon making our picture with Ava and Viola his profile picture. Thankful for the friendship even if we had to be away.

25. Kimchi and beef stew for dinner tonight! Yummy!



DIY Beauty: Strawberry-Yogurt Mask

1:24 PM

CB060319On the Watsons last week, I saw this new Purederm Dalgi-Yogurt (Strawberry-Yogurt) Mask from Korea and decided to try it out since it looked yummy, delicious and good for the skin.


But I was thinking it would also be good if we could make a mask from fresh ingredients minus all the additional chemicals and preservatives.


I did a little research and found a strawberry-yogurt facial mask recipe that I would definitely make as soon as the strawberry season arrives.


42-16248127 (1)What You Need:

  • 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 1 tbsp. of yogurt



Mash strawberries and add yogurt. Mix till smooth. Smooth over skin and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse off with cool water.


This recipe is good to soften the skin and to remove impurities. And it`s nice if you can make an extra batch that you can eat while letting the mask sit for 20 mins. Better than the commercial masks that would leave you craving for strawberries and leave it just like that. ;)


Have a great time!




14 Days to Love Story!

5:58 AM

Yesterday, my hands were really full with all scripts to write, program to finalize, and people to contact. But God really is amazing and he brings people (or things) that reminds you to put that smile on your face `cause He is always there to bring brighter days.


Guest Invites Final


It`s so bad I don`t have a picture, but Kuki came over to the sanctuary to practice Ava`s songs for Love Story. He`ll be playing guitar with her.



(Viola and Kuki in Cambodia last summer. Sorry didn`t have a relevant photo. They`ll kill me for this. haha)


I was thinking it was just an ordinary day, ordinary rehearsal. But God fills our days with pretty surprises when we least expect it. We had a great time laughing the whole day over everything.


It`s so cool because they also decided that Kuki would sing with Ava and Honey and I were giggling because their voices sounded great together.


We were singing with them and never stopped eating! I loved the dumplings, congee, and spring rolls! Mom was asking as to buy this and that and then Jessica came bringing a lot of chips for us to munch on.


Kuki will be back next Tuesday and we couldn`t wait.


Kyle, who will be hosting with me on Acoustic Night also left me a message on Facebook and his excitement is contagious! I also couldn`t wait for Love Story!


Acoustic night is fast approaching, and although we are nervous, we know that God has greater things in store. So excited.


Hello Kitty Sushi and The Cutest Bento Boxes

1:26 PM

These pictures are about a year old (on my computer). And they NEVER fail to amaze me. Such craftsmanship in designing food! I am really inspired by Japanese art. They`re everywhere! From clothes, graphic design, and yeah food!


If you would prepare a lunchbox like this for your family or friends, wouldn`t they feel very much loved? ;)


2017869813_1e89855b1b_o Flickr: Luckysundae 

Flickr: she.likes.cute


Flickr: Luckysundae


Flickr: luckysundae













Flickr: m.fam



Flickr: luckysundae 


Flickr: Cik Kiah Flickr: aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR


Flickr: Luckysundae



1000 Gifts

Grateful: 1,000 Gifts

6:28 AM

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The past week had been crazy. There were so many things to attend to—”realities” in life that I`ve got face. ;)


Sometimes, I really get overwhelmed with all of the things going on around that all I can see is what`s immediate and I completely forget about what`s eternal. Sometimes, I don`t notice God working in my life, acquainted in every detail and making sure everything`s going on according to His will.


So today, I chose to be grateful. About the things I rarely get to notice. About the things I always thought were common but are all God`s gift. The sunrise he paints every morning. The pat in the back from my Mom when I`m not feeling well. Friends and family and church. There is an endless list of things to be thankful for. This is the real reality. God shouting His love to us in the obvious and in the simple every day happenings. ;)


My great and mighty God. Help me Lord, to have a grateful heart and be content with the beautiful things you fill my life everyday.


1. Good devotion time with the youth yesterday. Comforted and relieved.

2. Happy dinner time—spring rolls!—with Jessica, Ava and Viola in church.

3. Great time sleeping over at church. Took a lot of photos.

4. Fireworks at the window many times during the night.

5. Warm lights and good ambience in church!

6. Gary, a visitor, who jammed with the PNW yesterday.

7. Waking up early today. I love when the sky changes from dark to day.

8. The Hope Road Blog. Always has great reminders for me.

9. Our two dogs! Twinkle and Star!

10. Mom who helped me pack my back on the way to church last night.



DIY Beauty: Lemon-Milk Mask

4:05 AM

photo credit: getty images


It’s not really a secret right now. All of us know Ancient ladies bathed in milk to keep their skin smooth and good looking. Since we can’t bathe in camel’s milk these days and we aren’t able to take milk baths every time, here’s a little beauty recipe using milk that you can do regularly to keep your skin smooth and fine.


All you need is:

  • Powdered/ Fresh Milk and
  • Lemon Juice

793445751138618_lemon    89837631 

Apply and leave it on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off.


That’s everything! Easy, right?


Milk is a natural moisturizer that softens the skin. The lactic acid in milk is also known as a gentle, natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells to reveal younger skin.


Lemon which is rich in Vitamin C is known to whiten and cleanse the skin and to kill bacteria.


The original recipe, which I learned from my Mom uses Philippine Lemon/Lime called Calamansi which Filipinos use as a natural skin whitener. Filipinos rub it on their elbows and dark spots to even out their skin tone.


1091635_lime_We’ve got plenty of Calamansi in the fridge right now and I can’t wait to make the mask later.


Try it and you’ll feel your skin has become softer right away.




In Times of Waiting

8:57 PM

2474953744_354991bedd_b Sometimes, I wonder why in spite of His power, God allows delays. Knowing His strength and His ability to perform great miracles, why do some of our prayers take time before they are answered. S10,000. What is that to him? What is cancer? What is barrenness? When He was the One who created the universe and breathed life into the world.


Today, I think I understood another facet of the mystery of the season of waiting. I know for everyone of us, this extended season has different meanings.


But today, I realized many things I wouldn`t have seen if not for the delays I`m experiencing in my life. Perhaps, God allows delays because it is in extended waiting that we see the most hidden impurities of our hearts—impurities which otherwise would not surface out if our hearts would not be subjected into a little more testing.


If we would wait for a day, we could think about tomorrow with much hope. Wait for a month, and we would begin to fall on our knees and pray. After a  year, frustration may make its home in our hearts. And then we become impatient. We complain. We try to find our own way.


As I wait everyday, I look at my heart and see impurities which otherwise I had not taken notice of.


And I begin to loathe my own sinfulness.


My impatience. My faithlessness. My obsession to get everything I want right now.


I remember that I am only human.


And the only thing I find is grace of God. His patience. His faithfulness. His desire to give me the things I need at His perfect time.


I am reminded that everyday “We are changed from glory to glory.” Like how gold is being refined in the fire to remove every speck of impurity.


Now I would not hate the season of waiting. It is opportunity to trust God more, to let Him show you that He knows the way, to let Him cleanse you so and purify you so everyday, you look more and more like Jesus.


I will trust and wait on God, and have the season—yes, to have it take its full effect me. ;)


When I Desire Many Things

2:09 PM

photo credit: Getty Images I learn about the most important things when I work in the kitchen. I learn about cooking, of course, but there are more important things I learn than just that.


I`ve told you before that my mom has this radio in the kitchen tuned in to only one station, running for the entire day. I don`t know the program schedule, I don`t even know who`s gonna speak but every time I would cook, I always hear about things that stays in my mind long after I`ve finished cooking.


Well, today… I learned about contentment. One of the hosts there told about her story of not being able to have a baby. Carmen told about the day she was dismissed from the hospital after an operation. The other women going home had babies in their laps. But her hands were empty.


Carmen said she and her husband were happy being just with each other`s company. She was laughing the whole time but you know that deep in her heart she longs to have a baby of her own. One day she told his husband she was not privileged of seeing the baby look like him.


Carmen believes that because of what she had to go through, God had enabled her to comfort others who are not having children, just like her. She said it was not easy and she didn`t want to make it sound easy. It is a struggle. But she trusts God because He fills the void in her life.


Many times, I do complain about many things. I wish I could have this, I wish could have that. If only I had a better house, more clothes, a bigger salary. If only I was born rich. Every desire could run in your head if you would only start to look in what you lack in life.


But then again, we should be content and see the brighter side of things, the blessings we have everyday.


I may not drive the latest BMW and I may not go to the most expensive school.


But God is enough.


He satisfies.


When I desire many things.

When I couldn`t have them all.

When He couldn`t give me the desires of my heart just yet.


He is enough.

He satisfied me.


DIY Beauty: Green Tea Facial Steam

10:47 AM


 Photo Credit:Powerhealths


I wear a lot of make-up during weekends. Foundation and all that. But I was so tired last Sunday, I didn`t realize I fell asleep and forgot to wipe it all off! The next day, I felt like my pores are all clogged up and my skin couldn`t breathe. So I cleansed my face, got a pack of Shizuoka green tea and threw it on a bowl of hot water for a facial steam! I haven`t had a good steam in years, anyway!


Facial steams are good to open up the pores so it`s easier to remove sebum and other impurities that got down there. It can also help circulation and is good for relaxation. If you have colds, it would certainly help you to breathe easier as it will clear out your nasal passages.


All you need is a bowl of hot water (which isn`t supposed to be so hot `cause the steam might scald your skin), chamomile, lavender tea or whatever tea you`ve got, and a towel to cover your head to keep the steam from flying away. ;p


FacialSteaming-1-72dpi images (1)FacialSteaming-3-72dpi 


Once or twice a month would be enough to get rid of the trapped oil and dirt. Steaming too often can cause dry skin, so steam in moderation even if you love doing it. ;)


The tea smelled amazing and I really had a great time, and I`m grateful for God for awesomeness of simple things. It makes my heart smile every time I realize that He is the author of small things that makes life sweeter every day.


Sweetpea Beauty-A Girl After God`s Own Heart

3:17 AM

Ok. I know I`m 23 years old and I`m too old for fairytales. But am I really to old for it?


Untitled-1 Last night, my sister Viola crawled up to my bed and whispered that there`s a new Veggie Tale DVD for girls about real beauty. She was so excited  about Princess Sweetpea who has a stepmother with a deceptive magic mirror. But unlike other fairytales, Princess Sweetpea was beautiful not because of the way she looks nor because of the clothes she wear but because she was a girl after God`s own heart.


“It`s God who sees the beauty in everything. I choose to agree with Him.” –Sweetpea Beauty


What`s more is that Sweetpea Beauty doesn`t hate her stepmother neither does she pray for her doom but would do everything to save her from the deceptive magic mirror!



If you`ve got younger sisters or daughters, or if you`d want to remind yourself that God sees your heart and thinks you`re beautiful just as you are, you can get yourself a copy now. Girls will never be too old for fairytales! So that gives me an excuse to be excited and start looking for the DVD on stores as soon as I can. But then, I`m not sure if it`s already available in the Philippines. Anyhow, you guys can buy in general bookstores if you`re in the US or purchase it online.


Remember, God sees the beauty of your heart! ;) Always put that smile on your face, girls!

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